Operation: “Ripley” Approved by the Prismatic Imperium


Is there a chance for peace with the Thargoids?  CMDR Locnor, an ambassador from Prismatic Imperium Branch of Sight, believes it is an endeavor worth exploring.  “As an adjunct to the Brand of Sight, I request that a first contact protocol be established and included in this plan. In the case of inter-species contact, every action could have far reaching repercussions. Should we be the first to arrive at such an event, the responsibility for the path forward is a load not easily borne.” -CMDR Locnor

The 13th Legion announced that they would offer full cooperation in seeking a peaceful first contact.  Lord Commander Nightshady commented “If a Thargoid invasion does occur, the 13th Legion is bound by duty to lead the charge, but victory will not be possible by our hand alone.  The survival of the Empire will require the dedication and bravery of all pilots who call Imperial space home to prevent our extinction.”

The responses where staggering!  Federation, Independents, and Imperial pilots all throw politics aside ready to stand united against a possible threat to humanity.

TPM Investigative Reporter

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