13th Legion Expands its Numbers as it Takes on the Defense of the Entire Empire


“It was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen!”

That’s the word from CMDR MontiTheRed on his introduction to the Empire’s 13th Legion.

“I had just arrived in Cubeo where I was looking for something to do. A purpose in life, y’know.  A way to give back to the Empire.  I was just building speed in super-cruise when suddenly I’m being interdicted from out of nowhere!  It was the Lord Commander himself!  He asked me if I had any knowledge of pirates in the area or if I was in any trouble.  He was nice enough, but what stuck with me was that ship of his.  It barely registered on my sensors!  Satisfied with my responses the Lord Commander went back on patrol and I was left dying to know about that ship.  When I found that the 13th was recruiting at Adelman I signed right up!”

New pilots from around the Empire have been streaming to Cubeo to join the 13th.  Their training is often more intense than they ever expected.

“I sorta destroyed my ship during the first wing training exercise.”  CMDR JudderBudders says over a drink.  “The rules were clear for the engagement, but I wasn’t expecting the exuberance that the 13th trains with.  I got caught up in the moment and then bounced my Vulture off of Vice Lord SilentShadow’s Fer-de-Lance.  Next thing I knew I was in an escape pod in the middle of no where.  It’s okay though, Lord Commander Nightshady himself picked me up and the 13th helped me get a new ship together and back into space!”

My own experience mirrored CMDR’s MontiTheRed and JudderBudder’s closely.  The 13th takes care of its own but things don’t let up once you join the official ranks.  The hours are long and the patrols sometimes seem endless.  But when the Empire calls, we’re there.  We may be green pilots, but with the aggressive training and support received the newest members of the Empire’s 13th Legion will stand strong in defense of the Empire.

CMDR Rogue949
13th Legion Embedded Reporter

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