Prismatic Imperium and the Abolition of Slavery


The People’s Media:  Your Voice in the Empire and the Stars Beyond

Prismatic Imperium and the Abolition of Slavery – A public speech by Kevin Massey

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Cmdr Kevin Massey
Re: Our Faction Identity


Greetings dear Aisling Space, citizens of the grand Empire.

You may know me as the Lord Herald of the Prismatic Imperium, a job that has given me a tremendous opportunity to share my passion across the vastness of space.  As you may be well aware, I am the founder of The People’s Media, a news organization on Cubeo III that pledged its values to the Aisling Duval vision.  I also hold power over the Prismatic Imperium Branch of Mind with Vice-Lord Herald Allicia Mellor as my right hand and director of publication.

The topic at hand, of course, Imperial Slavery and the Prismatic Imperium stance on its abolition.

I realize there may have been concern about the Prismatic Imperium opening many of it’s services to the greater good of a unified Empire at the cost of neglecting the values Aisling Duval stands for.  Yes, this may appear true and your concern is far from misplaced.  It is my intention to work with you all, great writers and speakers, to amend this.  I do support our progress for unifying the Empire.  I support it for the sole purpose of growing our political position so that our voices are heard.

Many will spill out their hearts on why a unified Empire is stronger than an Empire divided so I do not intend to add to that growing mass of discussion.  Instead I want to focus on the neglected subject that fuels the motivation of Aisling’s Loyalists:  The vision for an Empire, FREE OF IMPERIAL SLAVERY AND NARCOTICS!  We should accept that in this thirty-fourth century, slavery is a barbaric practice for people of honor.

The Prismatic Imperium supports the abolition of slavery and narcotics!  We see it as a high priority!  Our support for a unified Empire has given us the tools to reach the people everywhere!  Aisling Space has done well to liberate people’s minds but it is time we work larger! I am not at liberty to discuss the details of upcoming projects associated with The Branch of Sight, the branch that covers our research and education, but I can assure you they are taking grand steps with The Pilots Federation that will change the way we handle freeing slaves.

My organization, affiliated with the Branch of Mind, focuses on the battlefront we call the Media and we cannot accomplish this on our own, oh no.  We need the Aisling community to step up!

I am making an offer to the people of Aisling, a restating of what we will do for you.  The People’s Media works hard in Cubeo to generate media materials for Aisling space, but it is time we look at the bigger picture.  I am talking about outreaching to the Empire!  We are Aisling Media, we control the large aspect of media in the Empire!  Our gift to humanity must not be bottled up among our loyalists.  We will use our media center to spread Aisling’s vision across the stars.  I think it is time I make my long standing offer clear for those who have failed so far to take advantage of it.

Here is my offer, citizens of Aisling Space.  The Prismatic Imperium Branch of Mind will publish your article submissions with limited censorship across our growing network.  As always, our media center will contribute visual graphics and art to each submission free of charge.  What we need is writers, an not just the ones working in the Prismatic Imperium.  We need your words, the independent writers of Aisling, the Angels, the Crystal Armada… your messages, your statements, your efforts to reach the masses of the Empire and the stars beyond.

Please, feel welcome to submit your words to The People’s Media and I will see to it that it is published across our entire network accompanied with its graphic art.  Give us the words to say so that we may be your voice in the Empire and the stars beyond.

That is all for now but I promise we will speak again soon.  This is Lord-Herald Kevin Massey speaking on behalf of the The People’s Media and the Prismatic Imperium as a whole, signing off.”
-CMDR Kevin Massey


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-Submission Requests-

For CMDRs wishing to submit articles to The People’s Media please follow this short guide.

  • Articles can be submitted to Kevin Massey as a private PM
  • Must be appropriate for GalNet or Cubeo publication
  • May undergo minor edits for grammar
  • Must be in RolePlay
  • Include CMDR name for credit
  • Keep in the 100-300 words limit (150 for GalNet)
  • May require 48 hours for publication
  • Content should support Aisling Duval or will be censored






Prismatic Imperium Branch of Mind will publish player submitted articles.  Kevin Massey will create artwork that represents the article free of charge.

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