The Navigators Guild Extends an Invitation to Pilots for Upcoming Events


The Navigators Guild, Prismatic Imperium Branch of Sight, pride themselves on pushing the boundaries of science and understanding.  Under this remit, they will be sending out exploration forces in search of extraterrestrial life in the near future.

‘As with the SETI Institute of old, we believe the best chance humanity has for peaceful relations with any potential intelligent alien race is through scientific endeavor.’ Lord Headmaster Vickershaft comments.

‘I mean no offense to any combat minded pilots viewing this but I feel I must stress the need for caution and the presence of at least a small scientific contingency when dealing with first contact situations.  We wouldn’t want a misread scan to cause an interstellar war, would we?’

The guild will also be continuing their ongoing program of peaceful exploration alongside the hunt for new extraction sites suitable for funding their goals.

‘Due to these events, The Navigators Guild would like to extend an open invitation to any and all CMDRs who wish to participate in future expeditions, be it for large wing mining, general exploration challenges, or even to assist in our latest project, SETI.  We know that science is the only way for humanity to adapt in this ever changing galaxy we call home.’


CMDR Vickershaft

Lord Headmaster , Branch of Sight

Prismatic Imperium


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