[VIDEO] Footage of 13th Legion’s training exercises to the death leaked!


Leaked Footage of 13th Legion’s Training to the Death


Video footage has been released today from the Col 285 Sector XJ-O B20-4 system, the official training grounds of the Imperial military. In the footage, it appears to show 13th Legion combat ships fighting each other in wing combat at times to the death. When the video was leaked, 13th Legion Lord Commander Nightshady released this statement:

“We take the defense of the Empire with the highest regard, therefore our training exercises must match that level of seriousness. During wing combat training, our pilots have the option to disengage at 20% hull, or fight until ship destruction. That decision is freely made by each pilot based on their comfort and skill level, as well as their current financial situation.”

The 13th Legion routinely conducts training exercises two to three times per week to get their new recruits into proper combat form, as well as to hone the skills of their more veteran pilots. The combat wing has seen a massive influx of new recruits with their recent commitment to the defense of all Imperial systems.

But some think that the ferocity of their training may turn off pilots who may wish to join the well-known and formidable Imperial military wing. New pilot CMDR Athanos disagrees.

“Yes, the training is very intense and quite frankly very dangerous, but you know as soon as you sign up that the 13th Legion is dedicated to making you an outstanding combat pilot who can take on the most lethal of enemies of the Empire with confidence. I was never asked to fight to ship destruction. I chose to do so willingly because I want the most realistic training possible.”

One thing is for certain – this video footage proves that CMDR’s hostile to the Empire will face a well prepared adversary should they be foolish enough to invade Imperial space.


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