Cubeo III’s Most Controversial: The Most Attractive Celebrity Reporter on Cubeo


TPM:  Cubeo III’s Most Controversial      February 3302

“The most attractive celebrity reporter on Cubeo gives her story.”

The People’s Media is home to many big names in Prismatic News, one of the greatest being Alicia Mellor.  Whether she is hosting The Daily Chat, interviewing political giants, or spicing up the parties at the TPM facility, Alicia Mellor is no doubt the most attractive celebrity reporter in the entire system.  Tonight we will be sharing her story about her rise to fame and her ambitious future.

Mellor may not be the wealthiest person on the stream or from the most noble family but she certainly has the ability to entertain!    In fact, at 263 million dedicated followers on Cubeo III social media, she has greater popularity then the Lord Herald himself!  That is over twice the fan-base then her networks founder.  She is often described as engaging, excitable, and sometimes flirtatious during her stream time.

“It was always this way.  From the time I was six, I’ve been a celebrity figure on numerous entertainment networks.” -Alicia Mellor

Mellor began her career as a support actress on the reality show “Some More Than Others” where she played as Maggie, the middle child of an average family in Achenar.  By the time she turned fourteen, she had been in over twelve streamed shows and was staring in her own program, “My Way”.  She makes the list of top 100 successful child celebrities across the Empire.

By 24, Mellor was an Empire-wide superstar, even popular among numerous systems across the Federation, Alliance, and Sirius.  She moved up from reality streams into the busy buzz of the news industry, certain it would pave the way for future success to which it has.  Mellor hosts “The Daily Chat” four days a week where she interacts with public figures ranging from Lord Corwin Ryan to Serena from “A Fireside Chat with Serena”.   Additionally, Mellor holds the title of Vice-Lord Herald of the Prismatic Imperium, making her first in the succession line for the P.I. Branch of Mind.

Although she is regarded as one of the most influential members in Cubeo, Alicia Mellor qualifies as one of the most controversial speakers.  Having been a child of Achenar, her stance on Imperial Slavery and narcotics remains largely unclear despite being a large contributor to Aisling Media.  Her role in the weekly The People’s Media mega-parties is questionable, her values challenged as misplaced, and her flirtatious interactions in her chat shows and interviews regarded as inappropriate and out of line.

“I expect to find confrontation because people love confrontation.  They love watching controversial subjects engage each other because it engages the attention of bystanders who would otherwise never formulate an opinion.  This is why I have an audience and that isn’t about to change.” -Alicia Mellor

On August 29th, 3301, Mellor interviewed Tricia Maine, a class representative of a prestigious Imperial school about an unusual story where a CODE pirate saved a space liner full of students instead of doing what pirates usually do.  Mellor ran the story despite concerns on the subject of glorifying the actions of a pirate.  The story was later proved to be staged by a group affiliated with Irrational Exuberance, a station in the Forculus system, home to Lord-Herald Kevin Massey and Overseer Jesse Ladd.  If the story was set up, why then was Mellor so persistent on publishing the articles across Prismatic News when it works against the efforts of the Prismatic Overseer?

Despite heavy criticism, the popular reporter is looking to her future.  Now at age 29, Mellor is confident that her career has only just begun.  Being the center of attention at The People’s Media certainly has its benefits.  Her involvement with the Prismatic Imperium, Branch of Mind, has given her the key to Cubeo.  Her position could someday place her in the governing house of Lord Corwin Ryan.  Perhaps she could become the leader of the Prismatic Imperium herself.

Whatever Cubeo holds for the future of Alicia Mellor, Princess Aisling Duval isn’t the only star Cubeo has to offer.


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