Large Amounts of Media Materials Missing; Conspiracy Against Aisling?


Reports are filtering in of a massive smuggling ring operating out of Cubeo.

According to rumors, unknown individuals are purchasing the media materials Princess Aisling Duval graciously produces for surrounding systems, and selling them to unintended destinations, sabotaging the Princess’s good works.

It is said that, as yet, the culprits have not been identified, although it would seem a large amount of organization and remarkably deep pockets would be needed for an operation of this size.  Allegedly any attempts to trace the funds used so far have failed.

When pressed for a statement on the matter, Overseer Jesse Ladd of the Prismatic Imperium said:

“As a large contributor to Aisling Media, Cubeo takes this matter seriously.  Instead of preparing HIP 77470, massive shipments are reaching the governments of Chnumar, a system Aisling is currently not able to support.  I have no doubt that a devious group of unchecked Commanders are responsible.”


Contribution by CMDR Cori Celesti


Jesse Ladd addresses from TPM Media Theatre with Quan-Tech Forces on guard.

Want to know more?

Jesse Ladd, the High Overseer of the Prismatic Fleet addressed concerns about the current effectiveness of Cubeo’s Quan-Tech Network.  As the father of the defense system, he spoke with high regards.

“Quan-Tech covers all traffic that comes in and out of Cubeo.  It has effectively reduced the level of piracy and terrorism.  The Prismatic Imperium has effectively replaced the Aisling Guardians from Cubeo because our system works.  Until the Pilots Federation release their protection over its graduates, there is little we can do about independent pilots who pledge to whomever they see fit.”

As the pressure grows against the Quan-Tech Network, the overseer’s actions become more aggressive.  In an effort to remove criminal organizations from the local void, Ladd urges independent pilots to “shoot first and ask questions later” when dealing with P.I. pilots who are suspicious.
His dramatic measures may be hurting the political influence in the system but Ladd argues that before P.I. can expand, it must root out all corruption.  It is expected that the P.I. intend to capture Medupe Station from Patron’s Principles should they attempt a war.




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