BREAKING NEWS! Notorious Assassin to Attend 13th Legion Training Session?


BREAKING NEWS!  Notorious assassin to attend 13th Legion training session?

A roster leaked today for an upcoming 13th Legion training session listed the name of the notorious assassin, CMDR Harry Potter.  Media calls to the headquarters of the 13th Legion were initially met with silence, but the outstanding connections of The People’s Media landed a quick interview with Lord Commander Nightshady to get to the bottom of this rumor.

INTERVIEW with CMDR Nightshady by Alicia Mellor

“We found redemption in the 13th Legion, and I believe that chance should be offered to anyone who is sincerely interested.” -Lord Commander Nightshady


AM – Is it true that CMDR Harry Potter will be attending your next training session?

Nightshady – It’s true that he expressed interest in coming to our training, now whether or not he actually shows up is left to be seen.

AM – How did this come about?

Nightshady – CMDR Potter expressed interest in our organization and said he wanted to attend a training session to see what it was all about.

AM – And you believe him?

Nightshady – Well, I didn’t at first of course, but he said that he was sincere so I agreed to let him attend the training session as a guest if he wanted to.

AM – Would you actually grant him membership if he wanted to join the 13th Legion?

Nightshady – If he agreed to abide by our rules, then I would be willing to grant him probationary privileges to let him prove himself.

AM – And the fact that he’s a notorious murderer doesn’t…

Nightshady – Alleged murderer.

AM – Right… Alleged murderer.  That doesn’t bother you?

Nightshady – Look, I’m not a cop.  I’m not a judge.  I don’t know if he’s actually done all that stuff.  So what if he’s killed a CMDR or two?  We just need to point him the right direction… say Rhea or Nanomam.  He can go there and commit genocide for all I care.  We’d probably give him a medal for it.

AM – Is it true that you actually had a pilot leave your ranks over this?

Nightshady – Unfortunately… yes.  One of our pilots said he couldn’t be in an organization that would consider accepting an alleged murderer.

AM – And you still agreed to let him visit the 13th Legion?

Nightshady – Yes, because if I didn’t give him the opportunity to change his alleged ways, then I’d be nothing more than a hypocrite.

AM – How so?

Nightshady – I myself was a mercenary at one point in my career. I used to get paid to blockade systems and attack any ship that jumped in, whether it be a combat ship or a hauler, Elite-ranked or Harmless-ranked.  My Vice-Lord, Silentshadow, used to be a pirate.  A lot of us have pasts that are somewhat… gray, but we made a change.  We decided to put those things behind us and use our skills for the greater good of the Empire.  We found redemption in the 13th Legion, and I believe that chance should be offered to anyone who is sincerely interested.

AM – And given that CMDR Potter is a notorious assassin, uh… I’m sorry, alleged assassin, don’t you think it might be possible that he is coming just to try and kill you?

Nightshady – Oh, I think it’s very possible.

AM – And that doesn’t bother you at all?

Nightshady – Nah, not really.  I’d be honored if he went to all that trouble just to take a shot at little old me.  Plus, our practices get a bit raucous anyway.  I usually stay in the fights until my ship explodes, so I’m just as likely to get killed by one of my own pilots as some assassin.

AM – Alright then.  Thanks for taking the time to clear up the rumors that have been floating around.  Please let us know how it all works out.

Nightshady – Will do…


There you have it.  What will happen?  Will CMDR Harry Potter actually attend the 13th Legion training session?  Will he try to assassinate Lord Commander Nightshady?  Could he actually be interested in joining up to defend the Empire?  Only time will tell.  Stay tuned for more on this breaking story.


This has been an interview by Alicia Mellor at The People’s Media:  Your Voice in the Empire and the Stars Beyond!


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