Creation of New Colony for Former Slaves in Uibuth System


Princess Aisling Duval has announced the creation of a new colony for former slaves in the Uibuth system. According to a statement from the princess’ press liaison, all slaves admitted to the colony will be liberated and re-educated, and offered the protection of forces loyal to Her Royal Highness.

A spokesperson for the Prismatic Imperium, which is overseeing the initiative, revealed more about the historic campaign:

“This morning our most noble lady Princess Aisling Duval returned from Achenar to Cubeo III. Upon arrival she immediately requested a private meeting with the leadership of the Prismatic Imperium. During the meeting, the princess emphasized her enduring wish to bring an end to slavery within the empire.”


“To this end, Princess Duval instructed Lord Corwin Ryan Head of the Prismatic Imperium and Count Vickershaft of the Navigators Guild to make preparations for the founding of a new colony, where freed slaves could live in comfort and safety. With the support of independent factions at d’Arrest Station in the Uibuth system, the colony was duly established.”

The spokesperson went on to outline how the galactic community could support the new colony:

“At the behest of the Princess, the Prismatic Imperium is asking pilots to transport slaves of all types to the new colony, where they will be emancipated and re-educated. Significant rewards have been promised to pilots who contribute to the initiative.”


Do You Want to Know More?


Lord Herald delivers speech on P.I.’s efforts to abolish slavery in the Empire.

“The Prismatic Imperium supports the abolition of slavery and narcotics!  We see it as a high priority!  Our support for a unified Empire has given us the tools to reach the people everywhere!  Aisling Space has done well to liberate people’s minds but it is time we work larger! I am not at liberty to discuss the details of upcoming projects associated with The Branch of Sight, the branch that covers our research and education, but I can assure you they are taking grand steps with The Pilots Federation that will change the way we handle freeing slaves.”

Read the full story here:

Prismatic Imperium and the Abolition of Slavery

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