QUAN-TECH Network Hacked During Alliance Announcement


QUAN-TECH Network Hacked During Alliance Announcement

During the official announcement of the alliance between the Prismatic Imperium and Achenar Immortals, The People’s Media suffered a cybernetic attack across the Quan-Tech Network.  Leadership from both factions met to quickly resolve any immediate consequences.  The Prismatic Lord Herald made an official apology followed by a declaration of Imperial Unity on live stream.

“It is apparent that in this delicate time of broadening our relationship with the rest of the Empire that some parties wish to push a contrary agenda of their own.  I assure you, what could have become a massive political disaster has instead strengthen our ties.  The Empire will be united!  Any efforts to divide us will instead be used to bring us together!”  -Lord Herald Kevin Massey

The Lord Herald ensures that these recent events will be mutually beneficial to both the Prismatic Imperium and the Achenar Immortals.  On behalf of the Branch of MIND, he remains optimistic for a brighter tomorrow.  P.I. Overseer Jesse Ladd sings a different tune however.

“Interrupting a broadcast via the Quan-Tech Network is impossible!  Due to the nature of the technology, this Cerberus organization would have required the assistance of several bodies on the inside.  I am conducting an investigation myself to ensure that this never happens again, by my word!”  -Overseer Jesse Ladd

The Overseer publicly executed the Quan-Tech engineers who were on duty during the network hack as a warning to any and all who compromise the security of the Cubeo system.

See the initial hack here:
###QUAN_TECH Hack!###TPM_News_Feb17_2

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Jesse Ladd at the TPM Theatre

Overseer Jesse Ladd is beginning an investigation on the Quan-Tech Network.  He was responsible for it’s security when he served The People’s Media directly prior to promoting to overseer of the P.I. at large.

Several critics including Antony Jakob Birge at the BirgeBroadcast claim that this is evidence that the Quan-Tech Network is compromised by design, going as far to say that Jesse Ladd had several aspects of the network designed by criminal organizations.  This would suggest that Ladd is attempting to cover up a large oversight in his plan to take over the Prismatic Imperium, as ridiculous as that sounds.

“From time to time a politician has to stuff more skeletons in a closet then what can fit, but Jesse Ladd has numerous warehouses full of them and he is still running out of space to dump all the secrets he holds!  Hello people!?”  -Antony Jakob Birge”


The BirgeBroadcast  >Get The Truth!

You can read more specifically about how Antony Birge feels about Jesse Ladd being the Prismatic Imperium Overseer in his new best selling novel: The People’s Mafia:  How Prismatic News is Controlling Your Minds with Ice Cream”.        Δ

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