Feet Will Walk Onto Your Decks as Slaves, And Walk Off Free


Feet Will Walk Onto Your Decks as Slaves, and Walk Off Free

Gentlemen and ladies, this is a labor of love, plain and simple. No battles, no flashes, no glory.

Your deeds may not go down in galactic or even imperial history; but you will be making history for every life freed. Every new beginning for a family is a new beginning for the empire, for mankind.

While some may mark the sides of their ships with the silhouettes of downed foes, a more profound meaning comes with each life freed in our service. Feet will walk onto your decks as slaves, and walk off free. Free.

As CMDRs, we possess a degree of freedom rare and intangible among the stars. The ability to go and do as we please. You lot have chosen to support something greater than yourselves.

A simple CMDR’s request, “all I ask if for a tall ship and a star to steer her by” That star is Uibuth, the destination at the end of slavery, and the origin of a new generation of free citizens.

We sail into history.



Do You Want to Know More?

Lord Corwin Ryan Gives a Speech regarding the Uibuth colony of freed slaves.

“At the core of the Prismatic Imperium rings a single truth. Slavery, in all its forms is wrong. There is no justification, no righteousness, no reason for any person to hold another in bondage. It is a truth of our time and the times gone before that each and every person has the right to self-determination. We of the Prismatic Imperium, whilst loyal to our Emperor, hold this truth close to our hearts as we teach others of the injustice in any system,


Imperial or not that forces people to give up this right to self-determination.

So we ask each and every member of the Prismatic Imperium to do what they can, with this opportunity our wealth and our enterprise have given us to return that right to as many people as possible in this window of time that together we’ve won. We ask each and every person who’s pledged themselves to Aisling Duval to help us in returning that right to as many people as possible.

There is no nobler cause, no greater deed, no brighter moment in our brief history to show the galaxy that together, individuals pledged to helping their fellows can make the galaxy ring with the sound of freedom won.

Bring these tortured souls to Uibuth and let’s build them a brighter future.”


A People’s History of Imperial Slavery -written by CMDR Quade, Pileus Libertas


Imperial Slavery today is premised on a myth. Our Imperial allies, our Senate, perhaps even our new Emperor, perpetuate that myth. Much of the Imperial public believe this myth. I would like to challenge that myth. We at Pileus Libertas oppose slavery. We have allied ourselves with The Libertas Co-operative of Munshin: a faction composed primarily of freed slaves, the descendants of freed slaves, and refugees from the Pegasi war. You won’t find many nobles among them. You will find the truth about slavery – the information needed to challenge this myth on which Imperial Slavery is based.

What is the Myth?

Our betters would have us believe Imperial Slavery is nothing more than indentured servitude. They tell us in public forums high and low that Imperial Slavery is like having an unpaid butler or mandatory best friend. The term “Imperial Butlers” has been proposed as an official replacement for “Imperial Slaves”. The myth, in other words, is one of simple platonic service in the household of another Imperial.

Of course, it doesn’t stop there. The other half is based in history: in the 1000 year tradition of Imperial Slavery as a method of social welfare. The early Empire emerged from a 50 year war with the Federation and entered a massive population boom. Yet the resources and wealth of the Empire were then, as they are today, concentrated in the hands of the Emperor, the Senate, and the noble families. These unhappy millions were given the gift of Imperial Slavery. If they were destitute, if they were starving, if they had lost everything to the misfortune of those heady days, then the Empire would be there for them. They could abandon their debts and their poverty and go to work on a contract of servitude. A period of their lives would be valued on their ability to contribute to the wealth, industry, or luxury of their master. In return, the individual forfeited most rights as an Imperial Citizen – no freedom of choice in their labors, no freedom of choice in their travels, no freedom of choice in their leisure. All was to be done in service of the master who lifted them from poverty. Service freely given and security from poverty freely received.

This is the myth which we find firmly in place today. We are told still, though the galaxy has changed immeasurably, that Imperial Slavery is still the greatest form of social welfare to ever exist. It is often justification for looking down on the Federation or as a cause for war.

What is the Truth?

How many Imperial Butlers do you see at work in Senator Torval’s mines? How many Imperial Butlers did Senator Patreus allow to live after cleansing Quivira? What welfare did the Butlers of Ongkuma receive from Senator Torval that pushed them into open rebellion? Who can believe that these souls are Imperial Butlers? Who can believe that all these slaves are simply the recipients of social welfare?

I don’t believe it. Neither should you. The truth of Imperial Slavery is that not all slaves enter into their contracts willingly. They are often used as chattel – the property of an estate – to settle debts. Senator Patreus is equally famous for his manipulation of debt markets to expand his territory and his use of Imperial Slavery as a way to later settle those debts. We saw this trend in Durius and in Falisci. Citizens of these worlds are made into slaves. They do not make a rational choice for their own benefit. Instead, they are “assimilated” through slavery as a way for Senator Patreus to settle his debts.

What of Torval? With her reputation as a harsh master, why would anyone be one of her Imperial Butlers? The truth is, they often don’t. In addition to the above, where Patreus sells those involuntarily pressed into slavery to the charitable Senator Torval, we also know that Senator Torval purchases unregulated slaves to create more Imperial Slaves. A move, by the way, which our brave new Emperor appears to be repeating.

The Truth Must be Told!

Choice is a myth! We know of these three major examples, Torval, Patreus, and Arissa, because they are such prominent citizens. How many countless others are pressed into chains by petty lords and ladies but never make the news? Sadly, we don’t know. The whole affair hides behind the myth that slaves are treated to a simple life of luxurious service and enter into these exchanges of their own volition. The Imperial public is not permitted to know how these slaves enter into their contracts or how they are treated once they begin their lives as slaves. Indeed, I can think of one prominent example of a slave being sold by her Imperial masters into unregulated slavery on Kumo’s black markets, but there are likely countless others. As we learned this past year, many Imperial commanders have no loyalty to their fellow Imperial citizens or to Imperial law. They only seek the quickest route to to fat wallet. Perhaps it is because they do not care – in which case we will never convince them. But, maybe, it is because they do not know.

If we do not communicate the truth about Imperial Slavery to the public, how can we expect the public to aid us in our efforts against it?





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