Notorious Assassin Group Thwarted by 13th Legion and Allies


Notorious Assassin Group Thwarted by 13th Legion and Allies.

Last night, the infamous Smiling Dog Crew besieged the Pilots Federation community goal set up by the Prismatic Imperium to free slaves from their bondage. The notorious band of brigands and assassins are well known for their dominance in supercruise during community goals. Given the close ties of the 13th Legion and the Prismatic Imperium, the 13th Legion was bound by duty to do their best to defend the traders bringing in slaves to be released.

When the first member of Smiling Dog Crew arrived, the Imperial Defense Network was activated and the 13th Legion scrambled all available combat ships. By the time the battles started, there were two full wings of Smiling Dog Crew, but the 13th Legion mustered three wings, including 3 Corvettes and a Cutter. The 13th Legion was also assisted by a few of the veteran members of the Time of Chaos combat wing.

The battles played out across supercruise and even spilled over to the area around the station as well as inside the station itself. There were several losses on both sides, but the superior numbers of the 13th Legion and its allies seemed to keep the Smiling Dog Crew on the defensive. The turning point in the battles came when Lord Commander Nightshady ordered combat ships to camp the system’s star to catch those members of Smiling Dog Crew that had been forced to high-wake out of system, thus cutting them off from their forces engaged in battle in the heart of the system. Unable to effectively regroup and facing superior numbers, the Smiling Dog Crew were forced to make a tactical retreat.

This victory for the security of a community goal against such a lethal and skilled foe has energized the Imperials, as more combat pilots flock to the banner of the 13th Legion to defend the Empire against those who would see it befall to harm. But Lord Commander Nightshady did not relish in the small victory…

“The Smiling Dog Crew may have been forced to retreat, but they are an exceptionally skilled and persistent enemy. We will have to fight twice as hard to repel them the next time. I urge all traders entering the community goal system to exercise extreme caution, as our forces are spread thin and cannot enforce constant security. Only with the Empire’s combat forces coming together can we continue to defeat this foe.”

Article by CMDR Nightshady, Lord Commander, 13th Legion

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“A crushing defeat for us at the hands of 13th… we weren’t prepared for their organization or their bravery that night! Well fought CMDRs, an honorable defense!” -CMDR Sundae

“At least the words aren’t hollow, history belongs to the victors to write how they see fit, if 13th Legion can use this to generate a new hope, raise they’re profile and recruit new pilots to their ranks, they are doing it right. If Nightshady was running the defense operation, he can say what he likes, they did win and therefore deserve the credit due to them. What magnificent feats have you to tell us of yourself saving the galaxy from bad men that continually upset the entire community. It’s about time someone took control of the situation, used the resources available to him to rally an effective defense against a well organized opponent and not only win, but take the credit due to him in style befitting a true champion.”  -CMDR Ornee Shaula (SDC)

“With each victory of the 13th Legion, whispers spread across the Empire… whispers of hope. Hope that tyranny and evil can be defeated despite daunting odds; hope that Imperials can live their lives without the constant threat of annihilation by hostile forces.

With each passing day, our numbers swell. Our training is constant and tireless. We will not rest until the entire Empire is free from the shadow of death and evil, and Imperials across the Galaxy are heeding our call.

We are Legion. There is only Empire. We will stand united against you until we have freedom… or death.”  -CMDR Nightshady (13th Legion)


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