The Paras Accord Signals an End to Bitter Feud


The Paras Accord Signals and End to Bitter Feud

The Cerberus Initiative today signed a historic peace deal to end the short but acrimonious feud with the Achenar Immortals. In as little as 48 hours what had started with a minor dispute over a rogue CMDR Goose 4291 had escalated to sporadic attacks in Paras, propaganda across social media platforms, the ejection of various embedded operatives within the Immortals, and the planning of various grey operations by the Initiative in revenge. In order to prevent further escalation, a peace accord was rapidly drafted and agreed on Monday by both Parties. A spokesman for the hitherto secretive Cerberus Initiative was quoted as saying:

“The Senior Partners welcome the cessation of hostilities with the Immortals, allowing us to return to planning for the imminent arrival of the existential alien threat. This…distraction was …unfortunate.”

Before adding

“A united humanity, is a strong humanity.”

When asked for comment, Prince Elenar of the Achenar Immortals said:

“I am delighted that we have come to an agreement.  I am of course deeply saddened by the loss of friends and the unpleasantness of the whole situation.

But looking forward, I am greatly pleased about our agreement.  I agree fully with the leadership of the Cerberus Initiative, that we need to stand united against the potential of an alien invasion.

It is my hope that, in time, we we will stand shoulder to shoulder against this threat – not as former adversaries, but as brothers in arms.

I now call upon all involved to enjoy the calm before the storm, and do all we can to see humanity united against a common foe. ”


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