THE PEOPLE’S MEDIA: Update from Alicia Mellor – Feb 27, 3302

Prismatic Imperium

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Earlier this week, Lord Herald Kevin Massey spoke at the Media Theatre sending an encouragement to all citizens of the Empire.


KEVIN MASSEY:    My fellow citizens of this Grand Empire…

The topic at hand, again, Imperial Slavery and the Prismatic Imperium stance on its abolition.

I know a great many were concerned that the Prismatic Imperium where more focused on Imperial Unity than assisting with the progressive values of Princess Aisling Duval.  Someone once said, “What are you doing about slavery?”…  Well, I think we can now put that behind us, as I assure you, we fight endlessly to make our voices heard!

The Prismatic Imperium supports the abolition of slavery and narcotics!  We see it as a high priority!  Our support for a unified Empire has given us the tools to reach the people everywhere!  I see pilots from every faction assisting us… including our respected allies directly under the banner of the Emperor, the Achenar Immortals!

I hear some doubt among you.  That, “Buying slaves to free them will not stop slavery” or “Our efforts are just a drop in a bucket”.  Nonsense!  We may still be far off from creating a solution to eliminating slavery of all kinds, but the slaves we set free this week are a testimony of a new social mindset!

We have made a statement! “SLAVES WILL BE SET FREE!”  Before we can change the Imperial Society of Old, we must first win the battles of the mind!  This historic event will forever be remembered as a turning point!  This is a massive victory for Princess Aisling!  Cut the bonds that bind one to the will of another!  As a great friend, MONTItheRed put it, “Today feet will walk on your decks as slaves, and walk off FREE!”

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