Overseer Jesse Ladd Commissions Creation of Hermes Class Carrier


In preparation of taking control of the Medupe Station, Overseer Jesse Ladd announces a massive reorganization to the Prismatic Fleet that defends the Prismatic Imperium in Cubeo Space.

“With the recent leaks of the Quan-Tech Network It is in our best interests to fully reorganize our defense fleet with an unprecedented force from a single system’s controlling faction!”  -Overseer Jesse Ladd

The Overseer also made a surprising move for the Prismatic Imperium with the commission of a unique Gutamaya vessel for the centerpiece of the Prismatic Fleet.  The Hermes Class Carrier is estimated to measure 495 Meters in length.  Though it is limited on large hardpoints, the carrier is capable of carrying a large number of small fighters that can be quickly deployed in combat.  Additionally, the vessel has a hanger with open side ports that can carry a quad of Lakon T6s, and a duo of Lakon Keelbacks comfortably.

The T6 Freighters are purposed for shuttling supplies while the Keelbacks will transport fighters and crew to the carrier.

“The Prismatic Imperium has prospered with its support of Princess Aisling Duval.  With the increased presence of terrorists in Cubeo a stronger military presence is necessary.  We know our subjects support the measures needed to keep Cubeo’s skies clear.”  – Lord Corwin Ryan

This particular move by Overseer Jesse Ladd raises many questions that will be answered in the coming week.  How did the Prismatic Imperium get naval authorization to contract with Gutamaya?  Why does the Hermes look like it was heavily influenced by the Federation destroyers?  Is the Overseer stepping too far this time?

Would you like to know more?

Get your first look at the Hermes Class Carrier here: SHIP DESIGN

Overseer Jesse Ladd recently appointed Countess Lavi Vandermeer as the commander of the Prismatic Fleet Fighter Wing that will accompany the Hermes Class Carrier.  The exact details are still limited but it is very clear Overseer Jesse Ladd is making an unprecedented and bold move for a single system faction.

The Hermes Class Carrier is estimated to measure 495 Meters in length.  It is still debatable if a vessel of this size is large enough to be considered a capital class.  Experts are certain that it is not.  The price to construct and fit the vessel will be astronomical.  It is expected that it will not have the ability to leave the Cubeo system.


Check out this exciting poster of the Overseer in action! Available now in Cubeo


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