Federation Building Up Larger Military – Compromising Concerns


Federal Warships Compromised?

The Federation appears to be an a state of military buildup.  Within a short period, President Hudson announced the construction of three new Farragut battlecruisers, one associated with a new federal fleet known as The People’s Navy.  What is disconcerting about the a new fleet is that it will be funded not by taxation of the people, but directly by regional corporations.  This sets an alarming precedent
that businesses can sponsor military units.

To make things worse, the Federal Navy has lost at least one of their existing Farragut battlecruisers to pirates. The pirate-aligned Farragut Battle Cruiser was striking out at Federation battle groups in the LHS 3447, Fuleum, and HIP 16996 systems.  Another lost Farragut may be operating in the Maia system completely independent of the federal navy.  This close proximity to unknown artifacts, barnacles, and unidentified ships presents a compromise of federal ship designs.

The loss of one Farragut is alarming, the loss of two presents a security threat not only to federal space, but the stability of all human space.

In this time of insecurity within human space, all citizens and free CMDRs should stand together as a united humanity against the internal threats of piracy and illegal slaving as well as external threats of rogue AI and alien incursions.

The Federal, Alliance, Imperial and Independent navies should make a joint effort of equal contribution in securing the lost Farragut battlecruisers.  This joint operation will demonstrate to all the galaxy that though our differences may be legion, we are still one family of humanity.  The cooperation of diverse navies will enable better and more rapid responses to threats to human space. The exchange of personnel, tactics, techniques, and procedures will enhance the capabilities of all parties involved.

CMDR MontiTheRed


Galactic News: Empire Troubled by Federal Campaign

GalNet News, 19 Mar 3302



Galactic News: New Farragut Battle Cruiser Complete

GalNet News, 17 Mar 3302



Freelance Report: Federal Investigation into Farragut Mystery
GalNet News, 15 MAR 3302



Community Goal: Expanding the Federal Fleet
GalNet News, 10 MAR 3302



Freelance Report: Presidential Fleet Upgrade Questioned
GalNet News, 01 MAR 3302



Galactic News: Presidential Vessel Retired
GalNet News, 28 FEB 3302


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