13th Announces TOP GANK -Combat Boot Camp for Pilots


13th Announces TOP GANK – Combat Boot Camp for Pilots

With the recent success of the peace-keeping mission in Beta Hydri to oppose the construction of a new weapon of mass destruction for fascist-dictator Zachary Hudson’s fleet, the 13th Legion Imperial combat wing has seen a surge in CMDR applicants who wish to safeguard the Empire and fight the spread of Federation tyranny.

Of course, not all incoming pilots will be combat veterans, with many of them seeking a combat role for the first time in their careers. In order to get the new pilots trained in the best way possible, the 13th Legion has created TOP GANK, a Combat Boot Camp for its new members. CMDR Chris Lane, a 13th Legion Centurion who created the program, had this to say:

“Fighting against enemy CMDR’s is a much different ballgame than what a lot of these rookie pilots are used to. The 13th Legion wants to get them trained in the most effective manner to give them the confidence and experience to take on enemy CMDR’s with ease. Top Gank was created to facilitate that process.”

A summary of the Top Gank program was released to the media by the 13th Legion:

The program will consist of three courses that will teach the basics of [PvP] combat; each course will be instructed by an expert in that particular field. Upon completion of the courses, recruits will be offered a chance to put their skills to test and earn the rank of 13th Legion pilot.

*[PVP] CMDR Pilot vs CMDR Pilot; terminology restricted to graduates of the Pilot’s Federation.


Level 1: Wing Tactics and general [PvP] information (Umm what’s a beacon?) • Wing basics • Nav-Locks • Instancing • Anchoring • Live practice

Level 2: Shielded Builds – flying and/or fighting them (Don’t worry guys I have gimballed pulses) • Learn to build and fly a shielded [PvP] combat ship in your budget • Shield boosters, shield cell banks, heat-sinks, module management, tanking • Key tactics for shielded builds (why is everyone shooting at me?) • Put your build to the test in duels

Level 3: Shield-less Builds- flying and/or fighting them (Wait you want me to fight without shields?!) • Learn to build and fly a shield-less [PvP] combat ship in your budget • Silent running versus hull tanking – when and why to do each • Take the build we help you make and put it to use in duels

Level 4: Final Exams • Be put to the test by three battle hardened veteran members of increasing skill & experience • Each instructor will pick their own exercise/task (duels, live combat missions, Fed ganking, etc.), and they will decide when you’re ready to face the next challenge. After completing all three challenges, you will be promoted to a full member of the 13th Legion, and you will have the skills and confidence to be a lethal [PvP] combat pilot.

Rules & Info: • You must be registered on both the Facebook page and INARA.

• Throw your gimballed and turreted weapons away, you won’t be using them here (few exceptions for gimballed weapons based on ship choice and specialty).

• Your ship very well could get destroyed – while we try and be careful in practice, they are live-fire exercises and quite dangerous. DO NOT fly anything in practice you aren’t capable of affording a rebuy or two.

• While every effort will be made to accommodate various ship budgets, the truth is the best combat ships cost more. You may well find yourself needing to get more credits before progressing. We can help with that.

• The whole point of this is to ensure all new recruits have the knowledge needed for live combat missions. Don’t feel bad or left out if there are missions or activities that are only for veteran pilot ranks. There is nothing enjoyable about dying 10 seconds into a fight over and over again (trust me I know); we would rather ease you in and have you stick around.

• People come to us with all levels of previous [PvP] experience. If you have learned these lessons the hard way before, you can test out and skip straight to the final exams.

With a solid base of lethal, veteran combat pilots, and with the detailed training it offers new pilots, the 13th Legion’s reputation as a premier [PvP] combat wing continues to grow throughout the galaxy.




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