Overseer Jesse Ladd Releases Details on Hermes Class Carrier – Icarus


The Prismatic Imperium takes a bold step today as Overseer Jesse Ladd addresses the public with more information regarding the Hermes Class Carrier he commissioned to be built.  It’s first mention was on March 9th, 3302 when the Overseer proclaimed he was initiating a massive reorganization to the Prismatic Fleet that defends the Prismatic Imperium in Cubeo Space.

The People’s Media was quick to deliver the full transcript via Stream over the Quan-Tech Network.  Here are the highlights:

thevoice_jesseladd2OVERSEER JESSE LADD:  Citizens of Cubeo, as a public representative of the Prismatic Imperium, I come to you to make a declaration!

Our primary interest in Cubeo is to establish a prosperous paradise and a shining example of the ingenuity and generosity of Imperial Society where progressives and traditionalists work in unity for the benefit of all.  It is my responsibility to protect that interest!  I come to share our excitement in the reorganization of our Fleet and answer questions that were raised regarding the new carrier I named, the Icarus.

First, the Prismatic Imperium had naval authorization to contract with Gutamaya because of our standing effort to unify the Empire!  The Imperial Navy recognizes that we have made unprecedented efforts to secure Imperial Space!  Both the Branches of MIND and VIGOR have expanded their services beyond Cubeo and Aisling Duval’s jurisdiction.  The Empire’s Thirteenth Legion is an excellent example of what we represent!  We got naval authorization because we Bask in the Greatness of the Emperor in a capacity that few governments and organization can even fathom!  Dare I say, Cubeo holds the greatest garden in the entire Empire?

Secondly, it is true that I was born and raised in a federal environment.  Does this mean I am still an Outsider unworthy of the Basking Light of Achenar!?  I commissioned the design of Hermes Carrier to be heavily influenced by the Federation because I recognize the power in functionality!  The Hermes is still a utilitarian design, but it does not fear to sacrifice some of it’s pristine tiles and elegant lights in a compromise to make this Imperial vessel function for its purpose!

Rise up now, citizens of Cubeo!  The time to expand to the rest of our system is come.  When we control all of the stations in the system, we will have the capacity to defend it from all foreign and domestic threats!  Rise up now!  Never surrender!”

With the conclusion of the Overseer’s message, the TPM Theatre responded with thundering applause.  Streams began buzzing with mixed reviews.  Although the creation of the Hermes has gathered a tremendous amount of support from patrons, the aggressive personality of the Overseer was not received well by citizens on the local streets and markets.


And now, The People’s Media proudly publishes additional information on the Hermes Class Carrier.   Get your first look at the Hermes Class Carrier here: SHIP DESIGN

It is expected to be completed within the next month.

Imperial Carrier

PrismaticImperium Command Ship

Name:  Icarus

Faction:  Empire

Manufacturer:  Gutamaya

Dimensions:  495.2L – 330.6W – 53.0H

Type: Hermes Carrier

Cost:  148,430,361,400 CR

Insurance: None, Unique

Top Speed: 144 m/s

Boost Speed: 212 m/s

Maneuverability: .6

Shields: 5860 MJ

Armor: 5460

Hull Mass: 3800 t

Cargo Capacity: 1264 t

Fuel Capacity:  256 t

Unladen Jump Range: NA

Landing Pad Size: NA

Internal Landing Pads:

  • 4x Medium Pads
  • 2x Small Pads


  • 4x Modular Interceptor Guns
  • 24x Utility Mounts
  • 8x Medium Hardpoints
  • 2x Large Hardpoints


  • 3x Size 3 Compartments
  • 1x Size 4 Compartment
  • 2x Size 5 Compartments
  • 4x Size 6 Compartments
  • 12x Size 8 Compartments

Mass Lock Factor: 29


Following Information Provided by CMDR NiXthevoice_nix2

The Prismatic Fleet is proud to introduce the Icarus.  A Hermes Class Carrier, commissioned by Jesse Ladd, Prismatic Imperium.  Icarus will serve as command and control for the Prismatic Fleet.

Aboard the Icarus, Countess Lavi Vandermeer commands the 1st Prismatic Wing. The Prismatic Wing is formed by three groups.  Currently the Prismatic Wing uses the 4th fighter group, 1st special tactics group, and the 75th logistics group. Each group has their own maintenance.

The four medium landing pads will be occupied by two Lakon Type 6s, and two Lakon Keelbacks. In addition the two small landing pads will provide pilot changeovers for two Imperial Eagles and diplomatic vessels.

The cost to build the Icarus  will amount to 150 Billion credits.  After much deliberation between the Prismatic Imperium and Jesse Ladd it was decided that  the Icarus  would indeed  feature an FSD Drive in the future.  The overseer  altered the original design commenting,

“A ship  incapable of jumping  might as well be a station that looks like a ship and serves little purpose within the Prismatic Fleet.” – Jesse Ladd

But what exactly is the purpose for such a craft?  The mission and standing orders of the Icarus are as follows.

  1. Unite Cubeo under a single banner, a Prismatic banner.
  2. Serve as the mobile command center for the Prismatic Fleet.
  3. Fighter support.

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