BirgeBroadcast -Overseer Has Too Much Power


Welcome back people!  Not everyday does Cubeo tune in for THE TRUTH, hosted by me, Antony Jakob Birge!  So let’s not waste a moment and get straight to the point today.  The Overseer has too much power.

That’s right!  I said it!  High Overseer Jesse Ladd has too much power in the Prismatic Imperium.  I bet half of you viewers don’t even know who exactly  Jesse Ladd is and what his role in government really looks like.  Pull up a chair people, because this is going to get good.

The High Overseer’s Administration control the defense and security of the Prismatic Imperium.  They control the military force, Intelligence, Quan-Tech, and carry the responsibility of upholding Imperial Law.  Oh, and lets not forget, the Overseers have the power to establish new laws and judge citizens on trial for breaking those laws.  High Overseer Jesse Ladd is the face of this powerful wing.

Now I usually refer to Jesse Ladd as the ice cream man due to his anti-piracy declarations which included Jesse saying, and I quote,

“Now the children have ice cream.  If you like ice cream, you’re welcome.”

But here is the truth people.  Jesse Ladd is a villain of Shakespearean proportions.  The man has a zero tolerance for law breakers and will execute you on the spot for throwing a candy wrapper in the street.  Remember that live feed from The People’s Mafia that got hijacked by a terrorist organization?  Jesse Ladd executed everyone related to the Quan-Tech Network who were currently on their shift.  What a bad day to be at work right?

Let me tell you, that data hack was a real eye opener right?  Quan-Tech is Jesse Ladd’s baby and the whole thing is compromised.  I have from good source that it was built by criminal organizations for the sole purpose of something diabolical.  Jesse Ladd is trying to cover it up by conducting his own investigation.

Now, before I ramble on too much about how I think Jesse Ladd is a mobster from Forculus who murdered thousands of people to cover up a conspiracy involving the notorious Brothers of Forculus mafia, lets discuss how in Basking Star of Achenar did our corrupt Overseer successfully commission Gutamaya for a five hundred meter Hermes Carrier?

I’ll tell you how!  The Branch of MIND’s biggest Prismatic Media Network, The People’s Media (Should be called The People’s Mafia) have successfully brainwashed Cubeo.  Propaganda is everywhere and we all are the fools!  See the statistics for yourself.


The Prismatic Senate voted to give Jesse Ladd the power he has time and time again.  Jesse did some sort of scheming to get recognition from the Imperial Navy and they authorized the Gutamaya contract for the Hermes.  Bask before you ask right?  And the Hermes, lets not forget, is heavily inspired by the Federation’s capability to kill in masses.  Sure it looks Imperial with it’s Gutamaya curves and white paint, but the thing is a Federal design under the hood.  Oh, and did I mention that WE ARE PAYING 150 BILLION CREDITS for this thing?

And now lets talk about the Empire’s 13th Legion.  What do they have to say about this?  I hear their leader CMDR Nightshady flies his battleships while totally intoxicated!  I don’t think he even realizes the looming threat of our Outsider Jesse Ladd, yes, and OUTSIDER, from the Federation.  Speaking of which, is Jesse going to bring judgement to Nightshady for breaking his laws?  I would love to see how this plays out.


I could say something about all of the Prismatic figureheads right now.  Lets take a quick tally…

Lord Corwin Ryan– I fear our leader will throw himself in the nearest death trap if he thinks it will improve our future.  That’s highly honorable, but not what we want.

Vice-Lord Andariel– I’m sure the next time Lord Corwin locks himself in prison for treason we can count on the 13th Legion founder to declare another war with Winters.  He really hates Felicia Winters.

Soloman Alcubierre– A total madman with alot of money.  I like this guy.

Jeff Ryan– I actually kinda like this guy.  You know he is a good guy when he gets banished from his own world for speaking the truth.  I can relate.

High Overseer Jesse Ladd– Power hungry dictator in the making.

Lord Herald Kevin Massey– Corrupt politician with mafia connections.  Notice all the shady exports from Cubeo?

Vice-Lord Herald Alicia Mellor– Total hypocritical celebrity who likes slavery and narcotics.  She got intoxicated at the last TPM party!

Lord Commander Nightshady– Always drunk.

Lord Headmaster Vickershaft– This guy should actually be the one running the show.  He is the only one I actually trust.

Honestly, I could go on for days.  You can read all about this in my new best selling novel: The People’s Mafia:  How Prismatic News is Controlling Your Minds with Ice Cream”.        Δ


Antony Jakob Birge founded the BirgeBroadcast, a political commentary show affiliated with the Branch of MIND.  Birge is a supporter of the Prismatic Imperium but stands against the corruption in the Empire’s media.

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