Self-Proclaimed Monarch Puts “Press” in Suppression


Self-Proclaimed Monarch Puts “Press” in Suppression

Hello citizens!  This is Alicia Mellor reporting on a rather disturbing story involving independent commanders with monarchy status claiming ownership of Sagittarius A*.

CMDR Lysianassa, formally known for claiming The People’s Media as hostile to the Crystal Armada and demanding that the Lord Herald, CMDR Kevin Massey, submit to a trial controlled by Lysianassa’s supporters, declared herself as the ruler of Sagittarius A*.  Finding the story to be unusual, several sources including GalNet shared the news originally made public by one of Lysianassa’s supporters, Queen Jezza.

Shortly after, CMDR Queen Jezza attempted to shut down a respected news streamer by claiming the story infringed on her legal rights.  This is sparking many heated debates as she appeared to have succeeded for a limited time.  One independent pilot known for his successful speeches against slavery shouts,

The press shall not be suppressed!” -CMDR MONTItheRed

A valued reporter among the famous Empire’s Thirteenth Legion says,

thevoice_rogue2“Freedom of the press is the only way to guarantee an honest and accurate flow of information. Without freedom of the press, civilization itself is in danger.”  -CMDR Rogue949



Several guests joined me on Tonight’s showing of The Daily Chat where we discussed the hilarity of the declaration as well as the disgusting idea that galactic media can be censored by an individual.

One of our guests was CMDR Zulu Romeo who is credited as the first pilot to ever reach Sagittarius A*.  I asked for his comment on how he feels about another pilot attempting to claim herself as ruler over the system.  He bursts in laughter.

thevoice_zuluromeo2I wish I could, but I’m too busy laughing at this entire situation!” -CMDR Zulu Romeo

This particular chat was filled with humor.  Near the end of the stream I was quoted saying,

Alicia Mellor“With news that one of GalNet’s major distributors were forced to retract one of their stories because it upset ‘Her Royal Majesty Queen’ I have to say, we should be following up with a story called ‘Queen of Horrors Defends her Traitorous Sister’s Actions in Sagittarius A*’ and make a complete mockery out of it!  If someone is going to try to claim the center of the galaxy is theirs, I think that should be streamed to everyone!”  -Vice-Lord Herald Alicia Mellor

CMDR WiseWolf of Avalon, a respected merchant and rising public official says,

“The real joke here is a self proclaimed monarch attempting to exercise any sort of authority. Without an army at her back, she will garner no respect from me.”  -CMDR WiseWolf of Avalon

The Administration of the Overseer has final thoughts on the matter.  Head Overseer Jesse Ladd gives a statement.

thevoice_jesseladd2“Citizens of the Empire!  May I remind you that both CMDR Lysianassa and CMDR Queen Jezza are criminals with delusions of grandeur.  Both of them have time and time again proven to be hostile to the unity of the Empire.  They wished to seize the spotlight from Princess Aisling Duval.  When that failed, they moved their terrorizing reign to new lands in the Empire.  They have again failed to find loyalty with humanity.  CMDR Lysianassa now holds dominion in the void of space.  Her followers consist of nothing more than moon rocks and broken metals of defeated adventurer vessels.

I trust the pilots of the Empire’s 13th Legion have more important tasks to attend to then to waste time and resources in crushing this little ‘kingdom of none’.  But if any pilots find themselves with enough spirit to confront this pilot in a Federation ship, you will have my gratitude and a spotlight in Prismatic Media.  -High Overseer Jesse Ladd


Would You Like to Know More?

CMDR MONTItheRed submits further information regarding the silencing of a GalNet distributor.

Free independent press GalNet News is being suppressed.

On 22 March 3302, GalNet News published a piece on self-proclaimed monarch of Sagittarius A*.

This piece was subsequently redacted, then removed due to complaint by a mysterious individual claiming to be Queen Jezza.

A self proclaimed monarch should have no authority over independent news.
What does she have to hide?
What is going on at the center of the galaxy she doesn’t want you to know?
Is this Jezza’s “slave solution”, supermassive black hole?

Restrictions on free press are the hallmarks of a despotic regime.

Are these two “queens” in league?


Original Article:

Freelance Report: Commander Claims Sovereignty over Sagittarius A*

08 APR 3302

Unusual news has emerged from the galactic center, where an independent pilot has declared herself ‘Queen of Sagittarius A*’.

Commander Lysianassa, the self-proclaimed monarch, made the 26,000 light year journey in a fully armed Federal Corvette with heavy bulkheads and prismatic shields. Most explorers traveling to the center of the galaxy are lightly armed, if at all.

The legality and morality of Commander Lysianassa’s right-by-conquest approach has been hotly debated by independent pilots. Lysianassa claims to have brought law and order to an otherwise anarchic system, thus protecting defenseless explorers, but not all agree. Some recognize the authority of ‘Her Royal Majesty Queen Lysianassa’, but others claim she is nothing more than a criminal with delusions of grandeur.

There are currently no provisions in interstellar law about the neutrality of Sagittarius A*, but it is widely considered a heritage site for humanity.

Commander Queen Jezza

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