Recovered Journal from Stranded Pilot – Fate Unknown


Recovered Journal from Stranded Pilot – Fate Unknown

Social media in Cubeo is buzzing today about a recovered journal from an unknown pilot.  The People’s Media is sharing the few data entries that were not corrupted.  The original text has been translated.  The identity of the pilot is unknown as well as his fate.  Pilots are encouraged to search for a stranded ASP near the COL 70 SECTOR LS-K D8-7 system.



It all started some time ago when my best friends and I visited a special system beyond the inhabited bubble in space.  We were all members of the Pilots Federation with a sense of adventure.  It was often that we would dream about the far reaches of the galaxies, its systems of stars and planets, untouched by explorers.  Our imaginations wondered to ideas of sentient life out there among other things.
We had made a career of exploration, visiting uncountable stars and charting various assortments of rocks and worlds.  But it was not until we dropped into this special system that our reality collided with our imagination.  We could not find words to describe it.

It was a magic moment for us all.  This is the moment that welded us together, encouraging us to explore more.
After a month voyage in the unknown, we headed back into civilized space, doing this and that.  Almost everything we touched seemed to earn us a golden nose.  We assisted in various conflict zones, carried shipments of goods from one station to another, and occasionally pulled of a contracts for rescues.  Our ships got bigger and better in time but our eyes got smaller and tired.  We grew old of the work we did and felt we had earned a vacation.  That vacation would be perfect in that special system we found some time ago.
We headed off to the vacation system well equipped with new scarab SRVs and planetary flight modules for the vessels.  We needed to get back there, a place we considered to be freedom.  We call our special system “Free”.

After landing on one of the planets in Free, my friends and I had a lot of fun together.  We roved the surface in our scarabs and collected some materials that would extend our capabilities for our missions.  We even explored things we had not seen before.  Once we were partied out, my friends decided to plan a trip home.  They missed the social life back home, the trade networks, and the pay from various battlefields.
I decided to extend my time in the system before going back.  At the time I was thinking,

12509239_1043162102402478_6177905575328530306_n“I am already out here, why not go out further?  I have everything I need for a long expedition.”

It was true.  I was equipped with an ASP Explorer and a well trusted Scarab SRV.  I promised my friends I would return home.
“Please tell my family I love them!” I said.
“Watch yourself.” they replied.
We said our goodbyes.

I spent a few hours scanning systems around me.  I recalled something from the back of my mind.  Looking through my digital handbook I found details on my new modules.  I could collect materials from the surface of a planet to boost various systems on my ship thanks to the ability to synthesize.  I read that I can boost my frameshift drive if I am carrying a small amount of materials necessary.  I jumped into my scarab and gathered the materials needed.  It did not take long.
My “expedition” got a whole new view, another perspective.  I could now go to systems we were never able to reach before.  I could jump further!
I clawed through the navigation panel and the galaxy map until something of interest jumped at me.  I quickly found myself in that system:
Until now, its sister system was out of reach.  Using the boost feature, I could extend my frameshift drive to take me an extra 25%, making my capacity to 30 light years!  I mad the jump to COL 70 SECTOR LS-K D8-7!
I had unfortunately missed the detail that the boost was only good for one jump.  I was stuck in a system with no way back!

DAY 01

Don’t panic!
The first thing I need to learn is to not panic.   I’m collecting all my courage and playing this off like it is any other surface mission.  This is a normal system with planets.  I scan the system.  The only big difference that there probably is nobody else here.  Probably no one ever comes through here either.  I am all alone.
I’ve now scanned everything.  I noticed there are two planets I can land on with my current flight module.  They are both metal rich worlds made of 32.6%, according to the scanner.
This is my chance to get back out of here.  I am limited on fuel and oxygen so I do not have the luxury of spending too long in this system.
Landing Approach to COL 70 SECTOR LS-K DB-7 2


First thing I notice about the first rock I land on is that it is bright!  No wonder, with this A class star with a solar mass of 1.7578.
I am landed.  It was relatively easy to find a good landing place.  The surface is smooth here.  I jump into my SRV and leave the ship behind.  I need to collect the materials I need to get another boost from my frameshift drive.  That is my mission.
I can do this! I keep reminding myself.  It is quite scary how easy it is to get into this life threatening situation.  It would take years to fly back home without using my frameshift drive.  Even with my systems set to a minimum state, I would probably run out of fuel before I reached another star.  I don’t have the supplies for such a journey anyway.  My frameshift drive requires another star in range in order to high wake.  Funny how technology works.
I am nearing the end of my first day according to the galactic time.
I’ve spent almost twenty-four hours on this planet.  I found a couple of materials down here.  I am now on my way down to the bottom of a huge crater.  It is unbelievably deep.  I hope I may find what I need down there.  It would be pretty scary to find some life down here.  I fear I am just growing paranoid.  All I hear is strange noises from my scanner.

DAY 02

I did not find anything to get the boost I need to get out of here.  I´m starting to get annoyed by this planet.  At least I am collecting materials that can be synthesized into fuel for the SRV.  That will buy me more time.  I really want to go back to civilized space.  Something needs to happen here and now!  The sounds from my scanner is giving me anxiety.  Occasionally I hear music but I don’t know where it is coming from.



DAY 03

I found a couple other cliffs that i climbed up and nearly lost control. It goes down for a few miles so a drop from that high down a cliff would be my downfall, literally. The surface is getting pretty slippery.  I found a stranded NAV beacon down here as well.  I am wondering what the NAV beacon has seen on its trip.  Why is it here?



I actually forgot how many days I’ve been down here now and still I will not stop searching!
I made my time a bit easier by putting on some nice old tunes through the radio.  Listening to Rory Gallagher and more rock-n-roll while  searching for materials.  I am getting to known this planet more and more.  There are a lot of materials down here but not what I need.  All I find is Nickel and Iron, sometimes Sulfate.
I´m getting close to desperate.  I will get back to my ship soon to go to another place here.  This planet has nothing for me.
I´m giving up in this system.  I know I am able to get to a neighbor system here on that little so called “island out of systems” DB-6. Hopefully there are ice-worlds since the only material i need is Vanadium and found often on ice-worlds.
Whoever reads this..wish me luck.

Article submitted by CMDR Black Luna

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