Patron’s Principles Denounces Prismatic Imperium Control in Cubeo


Patron’s Principles Denounces Prismatic Imperium Control in Cubeo

Prior to the existence of the Prismatic Imperium, the Prismatic Palace was the governing house for the leaders of Patron’s Principles, a faction that has taken a major blow to it’s control over the Cubeo System.  The long anticipated denouncement from the former ruling faction has finally come.

“War, war, and more war!  The Prismatic Imperium used aggressive force to promote it’s agenda to dominate Cubeo outside of the will of the rightful patrons.  It continues to use The People’s Media to conceal it’s true nature with propaganda supporting a princess that does not share our ideals!  They speak of unity between traditional and progressive societies knowing full well that such a utopia cannot be achieved.  They eliminate their opposition by militaristic force!”  – Count Gerald Destuni, Spokesperson of Patron’s Principles

Patricia Margery, spokesperson of Cubeo First, backed up the claims of Patron’s Principles showing proof of the fall of Cubeo First being directly related to the inability to coexist in the future goals of the Prismatic Imperium.

“We denounced the Prismatic Imperium when it became clear that they intended to take all of Cubeo.  I spoke up against the hostile nature of Jesse Ladd when he was pushing boundaries as a news network security boss.  Now it is clear this Jesse Ladd has elevated to a position of power over the system.”  – Patricia Margery

The Prismatic Imperium Administration of the Overseer has released an official statement regarding the expected hostilities with the blessings of the Lord Ryan family and the Prismatic Senate.

thevoice_jesseladd2“People of Cubeo, Patron’s Principles have finally gathered the strength to push back against us.  At this very moment, they mobilize their military strength and pour resources to feed a fruitless endeavor.  War will come and we welcome it!”  – Head Overseer Jesse Ladd

Patron’s Principles are asking for donations towards the coming war to reclaim Cubeo from the Prismatic Imperium.  Should they fail in this effort, the Administration of the Overseer will have every right to assault Medupe Station and claim it as property of the Lord Ryan family and the major organizations that hold offices.  Should Medupe be captured, realty space will be evenly divided between The People’s Media, The 13’th Legion, and The Navigator’s Guild.



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