Cubeo Independent Merchant’s Association


Cubeo Independent Merchant’s Association

Today the Prismatic Imperium (PI) Branch of SIGHT announces a merger with the newly established Cubeo organization of the Independent Merchant’s Association (CIMA) in an effort to bolster its economic situation versus its in-system rivals Cubeo Patrons Principles (CPP).  PI is well positioned in the system seat of Chelomey Orbital, however CPP has a strong foothold in the more economically active Medupe City.  PI has made it known that it wishes to extend its influence beyond Cubeo and expect to do so through the acquisition of Medupe City.  The CIMA merger would appear to be an overt step toward that goal.

CIMA has agreed to move its headquarters to Cubeo from its original home in the Aisling trade center of Shapsugabus, where it will maintain an office. CIMA Guildmaster, Wisewolf of Avalon, will maintain his title and assume a position within the ruling council of the PI as the Chief Financial Officer.

When asked for comment, he had this to say:

“We came to terms that’ll benefits both parties. I’m glad we’ll now be extending our services to Imperium Commanders. I’m exceedingly pleased to work with the talented CMDRs within the Imperium and bolster the great work they had been doing.  It is my hope to unify the efforts of so many independent CMDRs to benefit the whole.  Additionally, extending the PI reach into the Shapsugabus trade markets will benefit both our organizations greatly.”

Guildmaster Avalon will be evaluating options for addressing issues with the local tariffs and tax laws to improve the economic situation in Cubeo, a system known for having no high value export commodities.

This merger represents an influx of trade work within Cubeo and new opportunities for PI CMDRs operating out of Shapsugabus.  Guildmaster Avalon offered

“The Independent Merchant’s Association welcomes traders of all levels. Like any other guild, in exchange for services, they are offering ship insurance assistance, updates on merchant interests in local government, ship outfitting tips, and most importantly, providing trade route guidance and access to more efficient routes than commanders might otherwise find on their own. Merchants of all levels are encouraged to join.”

While this move surely means difficult times are ahead for the current trade leader, CPP, they were not available for comment at time of press.

Would You Like to Know More?


The Prismatic Imperium Branch of SIGHT has seen a large growth recently with the contributions of Vice-Lord Andariel Valaquenta and several other CMDRs.  Andariel has returned from a large exploration voyage, selling the data to Cubeo.

CMDR LocNor makes a move for the office of Lord Headmaster for the Branch of SIGHT, replacing Lord Headmaster Vickershaft.

CMDR Wisewolf of Avalon remains as the Chief Financial Officer.  It is expected that he will also be taking office as the Vice-Lord Headmaster should CMDR LocNor take office.

Cubeo Independent Merchant’s Association (CIMA) rivals The Navigator’s Guild as the largest organization in the Branch of SIGHT.  CIMA is in a position to challenge for dominance during the summer elections.  Should this pass, CIMA will replace TNG for 1/3 Power in the Prismatic Imperium as the lead organization in the Branch of SIGHT.  Victory for CIMA is not certain due to the influence of several figureheads from TNG.

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