Multiple-Front, All-Out War in Paras


Multiple-front, all-out war in Paras  

Paras has become a killing ground.  Ever since the United German Commanders attacked the system treacherously, triggering a declaration of war, the system has experienced violence in a disproportionate level.  Civilians and Security forces were targeted equally out of the reach of the Achenar Immortals Independent Commanders pledged to supporting their home system.  

When Prince Elenar’s influence was at a minimum, it created a vacuum of power the lesser factions took advantage of, seizing power.  The Paras Corporation mustered a mercenary force to assault the remaining Immortals, that still hold the two largest space stations, and  within 24 hours the independent Movement for Paras Free (MPF) launched an offensive upon Barmin Station, held by the United Paras Defense force.  All factions, save MPF, are Imperial-aligned.  

Considering the widespread anarchy inflicted by the German Commanders’ actions, Prince Elenar has appealed to the Imperial Senate and gathered support from several Imperial minor factions, including the Prismatic Imperium and it’s Branches MIND (The People’s Media) and VIGOR (Empire 13th Legion), but the situation remains out of control.

“I really got used to my beautiful, blue lid table at Wilson Bar!  I don´t want to lose it to some other faction.”  -CMDR Jägermeister, Achenar Immortals
CMDR Andariel“You can tell our allies that Vice-Lord Andariel and a wing of brave Prismatic Imperium pilots loyal to our alliance are on their way to the rescue!”  -Vice-Lord Andariel, Prismatic Imperium
“The Achenar Immortals thank our Imperial brothers & sisters and our friends in Rebuy Screenius Maximus for defending Paras in this difficult time.”  -Legatus Experiment 626, Achenar Immortals
To make matters worse, Cerberus Initiative are now siding with United German Commanders to continue in relentless attacks against Achenar Immortals.  Cerberus was responsible for the information leaked on The People’s Media during the Quan-Tech Security hack that interrupted the alliance announcement between the Prismatic Imperium and Achenar Immortals.  Cerberus is responsible for the executions of Quan-Tech technicians who were on staff at the time of the hack.  The Prismatic Imperium Administration of the Overseer has this to say:
thevoice_jesseladd2“Cerberus Initiative use acts of terror to create havoc for an unknown agenda.  The recent surge in criminal activity in Cubeo is a direct reaction to the jeopardizing of Quan-Tech Security!  Cerberus is largely to blame!”  -Head Overseer Jesse Ladd, Prismatic Imperium
Original Source:  CMDR Torrente

Would You Like to Know More?

Several minor factions are competing for power in Paras causing conflicts between them that have escalated to war.  Pilots interested in assisting Achenar Immortals are encouraged to join in on conflict zones between Achenar Immortals and Movement of Paras Free.  There are conflict zones belonging to two separate conflicts in the system.

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