Quan-Tech Security Network ### Data Hack Detected ###




THE CERBERUS NETWORK: A Galactic Voice; by Humanity, for Humanity.

Viewers of The People’s Media, it pains me again to find Cerberus acting as the voice of truth, breaking through the lies and spin ⊗⊗⊗FLAG⊗⊗⊗ that the Achenar Immortals have spun through their relationship with this network.
Statements released by TPM that the invasion of Paras triggered a war is untrue.  The war in fact has been raging for many days, following [CENSORED] announcement of a glorious crusade in a questionable and unprovoked attack upon the UGC by his personal retinue as well as mercenary contractors from outside the Empire.
They felt comfortable and safe in their numbers and the expert help they had outsourced for the task. But they forgot one thing.
The tenacity of their intended victims.
Despite being outgunned and outmanned in the early stages, the UGC cleverly maximized the effectiveness of their limited assets and checked the early onslaught.  Early offers of a ceasefire and surrender were rejected out of hand by Immortals command.
In vain, the Immortals sensing this change in fortunes brought additional manpower to the table, drumming up support anywhere they could, including pleas to criminal elements such as The Guardians of Tranquility (a spice smuggling cartel) and renowned terrorists The Smiling Dog Crew.  How such shadowy elements gel with the noble law abiding persona?  We’ll leave that up to you to decide.
However, things would continue to not go as they planned, with independent free thinking pilots as well as several other independent parties coming to the aid of UGC, with the intent of preserving the rights of the coalition and gains it has made prior to hostilities.
Finally, the UGC’s hand was forced by a refusal to surrender and cease hostilities.  As is the right of any defender, this lead to a counterattack:  The target being Paras.
A coalition of independent Commanders desperately trying to keep the territory they governed, which they had managed well and for the good of its denizens.
A vote was taken and passed unanimously. Regardless of Imperial crowns or old loyalty’s, we, the Cerberus Initiative would support UGC’s goal of bringing about an end of hostilities, in their favor.  If this improves the lives of the residents of Paras by ejecting the Immortals as the governing body, then so be it.
“Humanity first, whatever the cost.”


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thevoice_jesseladd2This article has triggered a temporary shutdown of The People’s Media facility for investigation by the Administration of the Overseer.  Any individuals seen leaving the TPM campus will be considered a terrorist threat and must be reported immediately to your nearest Prismatic Overseer.

Jeopardizing the Quan-Tech Security Network is a violation of Cubeo System Security, Empire 13th Legion, and Uibuth Authority, a crime punishable by death.

By Prismatic Imperium Law and the Administration of the Overseer, any individuals deemed suspicious may be executed without trial.  Citizens of Cubeo are encouraged to lock themselves at their homes until the passing of the Overseers.  This is an emergency.


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