Overseer Jesse Ladd Responds to Quan-Tech Hack Using Force


Overseer Jesse Ladd Responds to Quan-Tech Hack Using Force

Only minutes ago, The People’s Media was placed in a lock-down state by the Administration of the Overseer, the military and judiciary force in the Prismatic Palace.  Hundreds of Overseer Police stormed the media facility in search for terrorists responsible for the recent Cerberus propaganda that was broadcasted without authorization.  The situation is quickly exploding out of control as angry riots have erupted in several locations.

Head Overseer Jesse Ladd has arrived at The People’s Media and is beginning a second investigation.  A brief comment shortly after his escort landed:

thevoice_jesseladd2“I will find who is responsible!  Quan-Tech hacking requires more than one person working on the inside.  The Cerberus hack is a symptom of a bigger problem.  They were given access.  When I find them, on my word, they will be annihilated by my hand!”

The Overseers are responding to the riots using non-lethal yet dangerous force that is certain to dispel the congregations.  There have already been confirmed casualties.  A spokesperson for the Administration will be providing ways to assist the Prismatic Imperium as a civil Imperial Patron.

“For now we ask that you remain indoors.  Do not leave your homes until you have received authorization to do so from your local Overseers.  Report suspicious individuals immediately.  We will get to the bottom of this as soon as possible.”

The Lord Corwin Ryan, humble leader of the Prismatic Imperium, appeared on emergency broadcasts to issue these inspiring words:

CorwinRyan“I ask that everyone remain calm and remain in a secure location to ensure the safety of themselves and their loved ones. Myself, the Prismatic Council and the forces of law and order are doing everything possible to ensure the safety and well being of the citizens of Cubeo.”

Although the Lock-Down does not extend beyond Cubeo III, pilots and passengers are asked to refrain from entering Cubeo III airspace.  Chelomey Orbital will not be allowing any departures to the planet surface until the lock-down is lifted.

ATTENTION ALL PILOTS! The People’s Media takes great pride in the Quan-Tech Security Network and it’s affiliated assets. The network coverage extends over all of Cubeo, Prismatic Agents, and Uibuth and is recognized by Imperial Law.

Assaulting a TPM or Prismatic Agent is an offense punishable by death. The 13th Legion and system security will be dispatched to eliminate all offenders at the discretion of the response wing. You have been warned.

Pilots looking to better serve the Prismatic Imperium can report suspicious persons to the Administration of the Overseer. Please direct all concerns of the Quan-Tech Initiative to The People’s Media, your voice in the Empire and the stars beyond.

This is the second time Cerberus Initiative has taken advantage of a jeopardized Quan-Tech network in an attempt to soil the relationship between Achenar Immortals and the Prismatic Imperium.  Cerberus is responsible for many of the recent outbreaks in criminal activity.   The Overseers issued a Kill on Sight order on any known Cerberus Agents operating on Cubeo III, specifically ones connected to any broadcasting networks.

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