The Forculus Conspiracy – Who Hacked Quan-Tech Security Network?


The Forculus Conspiracy

Hello and welcome to The People’s Media, your voice in the Empire and the stars beyond.  This is Alicia Mellor reporting to you live from the Media Center on the TPM Campus.

Chaos and terror filled the streets surrounding the Prismatic Palace and The People’s Media Campus last night when a terrorist organization known only as the Cerberus Initiative unlawfully broadcasted propaganda that interrupted our regularly scheduled programs.  Citizens responded with violent mobs and protests that quickly spiraled out of control.  Legions of Overseer police were called into action putting an end to the riots within a few hours.

Head Overseer Jesse Ladd stormed The People’s Media facility with over a thousand Overseers in search of any Cerberus operatives.  The campus was put into a state of Lock-Down to ensure no individuals could escape the premises.

CMDR KevinMassey“I was requested to remain in my office during the lock-down which lasted all night.  From my high-rise window I could overlook swarms of Overseer Police squads armed to the teeth in their white painted armor and heavy military rifles.  As necessary as it might have been to capture any agents of Cerberus, I found Jesse Ladd’s actions to be far too extreme.

TPM has it’s own security and they work closely with the Administration of the Overseer.  Ladd had no business storming my network and treating us all as criminals!  It was an outrage!” -Lord Herald Kevin Massey

All TPM personnel and guests were required to remain on location until escorted to the Media Center or panic rooms by the Overseers.  By the end of the next morning, over 100 arrests were made.   Head Overseer Jesse Ladd is joining us now for a live update!


JesseLadd2“Citizens of Cubeo, perpetual night has fallen upon us this day.  We fight against an insidious enemy, an enemy that labor in an effort to destabilize our economy and trash our very principles into the void!  Today I have uncovered a conspiracy that threatens our very way of life.

You ask me who hacked the Quan-Tech Security Network.  I will provide you with those answers.  The Brothers of Forculus hide among us!  They have infiltrated Quan-Tech from the very beginning!  They scurry like rats, chewing into the streams and channels of our infrastructure!  They are the bane of civil community, kidnapping people and selling them as slaves, smuggling illegal commodities, and murdering the helpless!

Brothers and sisters of Cubeo, the Empire, I shall not rest until every Forculus rat burns in the city squares of every district!  I will see to it that The Brothers of Forculus are stamped out of existence for good!  DO NOT STAND AGAINST ME!

I demand the Prismatic Imperium, Cubeo Patron’s Principles, Jet Council, and Cubeo First comply with the purge of all Forculus Agents!  This is a matter of utmost urgency!  Any citizens found harboring anyone with connections to Forculus system will be arrested and will stand trial before the Administration of the Overseers!

Fear not, citizens of Cubeo.  I succeeded in cleansing Irrational Exuberance from The Brothers of Forculus.  I succeeded in closing the smuggling operations in the Forculus System.  It is by my hand that Forculus has turned away from criminal operations!  I will clear Cubeo of all crime just the same, for the glory of the Empire!

All Hail the Empire!  Bask in it’s Greatness!”



Lord Corwin Ryan of the Prismatic Imperium has immediately issued a statement in response to the speech made by Head Overseer Jesse Ladd.
CorwinRyan“Myself and the Prismatic Council have ordered the Overseer to stand down.  The methods being used by the Prismatic Imperium’s Security Forces do not match the ideals of the Prismatic Palace and whilst at this time we’re sure Head Overseer Jesse Ladd has the interests of the security of Cubeo at heart we’re ordering a full investigation of the current situation.  Jesse Ladd is removed by the order of myself from his role of Overseer awaiting the outcome of the investigation.  Security in Cubeo MUST be maintained, but not at the expense of law-abiding citizens.”  -Lord Corwin Ryan, Prismatic Imperium Leader

The Administration of the Overseer have so far ignored the demands of the Prismatic Palace and insist that The People’s Media remove any of it’s logos that feature a space station in the background.  The massive colored mosaic tiles on the TPM Naval Dock for passenger ferries feature this colored logo.  It is speculated that the station represents Irrational Exuberance rather than Chelomey Orbital.  This is a direct reference to the Forculus system.

The People’s Media is resuming normal activities and will be reporting on Cubeo events around the clock.  The Daily Chat will be cancelled for tonight.  Please stay tuned as this story develops further.

We are The People’s Media, Your Voice in the Empire and the Stars Beyond.

I am Alicia Mellor wishing you well, wherever you might be.



  • LAUNCH OF ICARUS– Hermes Carrier being built for the Prismatic Imperium is nearing it’s final stages of construction.  The vessel is expected to launch in the coming week with the escort of The Bling Wing.
  • NEW PROGRAM ON TPM– Rumors of a new unannounced program for conservatives more radical than the BirgeBroadcast are in circulation.
  • ALICIA MELLOR IN A RELATIONSHIP– With who?  Since when?  Find the answers here on The People’s Media.
  • OVERSEER PUSHING LIMITS– Had the Administration gone too far this time?  Are they resisting the demands of Lord Corwin Ryan because of emergency clause?
  • PATRON’S PRINCIPLES WANT WAR– Cubeo still hot with strife between Prismatic Imperium and Patron’s Principles.  Will either side declare war on the other?

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