Lord Corwin Ryan Demands Jesse Ladd Step Down as Head Overseer


Lord Corwin Ryan Demands Jesse Ladd Step Down as Head Overseer



The strength of the Prismatic Imperium is being challenged today as the faction leader Lord Corwin Ryan calls for the arrest of his chief of internal security, the head of the Administration of the Overseer, Jesse Ladd for deliberately disregarding orders to halt his aggressive and totalitarian manhunt for citizens with ties to Forculus.

Three days ago, Head Overseer Jesse Ladd stormed The People’s Media with legions of armed soldiers and arrested over a hundred people with possible connections to The Brothers of Forculus, a criminal organization thought destroyed years ago.  Because of the extreme measures taken by the Administration of the Overseer, Lord Corwin Ryan demanded that they stand down.  Jesse Ladd was verbally stripped of his rank by the authority of the Prismatic Palace and the ruling Lord Ryan family.

Jesse Ladd has refused to step down as the acting chief of the Prismatic Imperium’s internal security following his speech from TPM where he made it his personal mission to clean up ALL crime in the Cubeo system.

JesseLadd2“Brothers and sisters of Cubeo, the Empire, I shall not rest until every Forculus rat burns in the city squares of every district!  I will see to it that The Brothers of Forculus are stamped out of existence for good!  DO NOT STAND AGAINST ME!” -Jesse Ladd

The Prismatic Palace is taking time to consider options for ending this conflict with minimum violence based on the Imperial laws and principles of civil honor.  The Prismatic Senate is largely in favor of the authority of the Lord Ryan family but many comments on the matter suggest the conflict will not end by words alone.

MicheleMassey“The Administration of the Overseer has every right to operate above the authority of the Palace in times of war and emergency.  The Senate did not vote to consider if this matter is urgent enough to disrespect the law of Lord Corwin Ryan, making Jesse Ladd’s action very suspicious indeed.”  -Lady Michele Massey

While the controversy between these two powers within the Prismatic Imperium continue to rise on Cubeo III, local security in Chelomey Orbital have confirmed that crime is running rampant in Cubeo space.

13thPilot2“We witnessed a sudden increase in the shadier aspects of space life.  Pilots more often then not disregard laws and refuse to pay fines.  Demand for illegal goods is is being met.  The Forculus Conspiracy rings true as well.  “Rat Dens” are popping up in the nooks and crannies of the space stations where less then approachable individuals gather for cards and cigars.  It is a sort of atmosphere that is often contagious as the moral of dock workers continue to decrease.”  -Anonymous


A couple of Prismatic Imperium dock workers on Chelomey greet the camera with unpleasant faces.

As Cubeo waits for Jesse Ladd to answer Lord Corwin Ryan’s demand to stand down his effort, paranoia surrounding The Forculus Conspiracy run rampant through the masses.  Everyone believes their next door neighbor is a boss of a mafia family.  Jesse Ladd claims the fear is not misplaced.  The Administration of the Overseer has posted signs for identifying a Forculus Agent.



Would You Like To Know More?

Here are a few tips submitted by The Administration of the Overseer.


  • Non Imperial dialect, often making references to distant cousins or brother on the ice.  Forculus system has a frozen water world where corpses are often unlawfully discarded.  A distant cousin can refer to an enemy where a brother is a friend.
  • Wearing oversized clothing exported from Independent Fashions.  Large untucked shirts can conceal personal weapons.
  • Wearing hair styles that are not popular in locations outside of tourist districts.  Most Forculus men where their hair slicked straight back.
  • Personal transports with exceptionally large concealed spaces.  Large spaces can store arsenals and victims.
  • Talking about Moon Golfing or Ice Ring Fishing.  Both are referring to illegal activities that involve murder.
  • Owning a large number of starved rats.  Rats are often used for torturing.
  • Using encrypted channels to contact POI and Pilots.  Encrypted content is usually related to criminal activity.

Suspicious persons are to be reported to your nearest Overseer at once!



2 thoughts on “Lord Corwin Ryan Demands Jesse Ladd Step Down as Head Overseer

  1. Jesse Ladd’s manhunt is affecting business. I’ve got numerous complains from my guild of strangely thorough scans from internal security. Even just outside Chemoley a CIMA Anaconda was rammed not once, but twice in internal security’s feverish search for these “Miscreants of Forculous.” I only hope this matter is resolved quickly so trade can resume unobstructed.

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