Surprise! The Brothers of Forculus Are Here!


Quan-Tech Security Network is not only compromised, it was built and managed by The Brothers of Forculus!

Would right now be an appropriate time for me to yell “I TOLD YOU SO!!!”?  Oh, too soon?  Well strap yourselves in people because High Overseer Jesse Ladd is just warming up!

I am Antony Jakob Birge, your host, and you have tuned to the BirgeBroadcast where each and every day I surface THE TRUTH from a sea of propaganda spilled by the ever-growing organization I like to call “The People’s Mafia”.  Seriously though, I warned you from day one that Jesse Ladd was a villain.  I even published a book about it!

CMDR AntonyJakobBirgeThe People’s Mafia:  How Prismatic News is Controlling Your Minds with Ice Cream”.        Δ

Lets see what we have here…  The Administration of the Overseer are thick in numbers across Cubeo III and are tossing their allegiance with Jesse Ladd by refusing to arrest him for acting irrational.  In just three days our Overseers of law, order, and justice have suited up in faceless armor, marching our streets hunting rats.  The rat hunt is on people of Cubeo!

OverseersWhat’s the Overseer” you ask?  Let me remind you.  The Administration of the Overseer control the defense and internal security of the Prismatic Imperium.  They are our military, intelligence, and police force!  They are the arbiters, the doom-speakers, the pillars of devouring flame- whatever works for you, these guys hold way too many cards and strings.  They have the power to make new laws and judge citizens on trial for breaking those new laws.

The Overseers work in some sort of triangle with the Prismatic Palace and the Prismatic Senate.  This is totally above the powers of the three Prismatic Imperium Branches that make our faction what it is.  MIND, VIGOR, and SIGHT.  The Overseer keep peace and order so that those three Branches can operate like they do.

And then there is Jesse Ladd…

Taking action above an beyond the orders of the Palace and Senate?  Now Jesse has really hit the point of no return.  Where do we go from here?  Is Jesse going to turn himself in Lord Corwin Ryan?

thevoice_jesseladd2“Sorry if I hurt your feelings, totally burning down all of Cubeo looking for rats and disobeying your order to stand down, my Lord.”  -Jesse Ladd from some fantasy universe

No!  He is desperate to finish what he started, murder every member of The Brothers of Forculus!  It will only get worse from here!  I can paint you a pretty good picture of what you can expect in the future.  I am here to give you the truth, not toss flowers in your face like TPM does.  So put your chair harness on because it is time to look deep into the near future!

  1. The Administration of the Overseer will declare a state of emergency to work above the authority of the Prismatic Palace until the Senate vote to return politics to normal.  I would expect this to be their next move.
  2. Jesse Ladd will take command of the Hermes Carrier (soon to be completed) and assemble the entire Prismatic Fleet to wage war on anyone brave enough to stand up to him and his military might.
  3. The hunt for Forculus agents will evolve to include all sorts of criminal activity marking the beginning of Jesse Ladd’s second genocide.
  4. Millions will die because either they stood up against Jesse Ladd or they were a criminal of some kind.

Do you really want Jesse Ladd deciding on what constitutes as a crime punishable by death?  The time has come people!  You still control aspects of politics.  You still have a voice of your own!  Don’t let The People’s Media do the talking for you!  The time to bring the Administration of the Overseer to an end is now! Rise up now!  Never surrender your voice!

Till next time people, I am Antony Jakob Birge, here to give you The Truth!  Read my book.  Eat some ice cream. I will be delivering more on this nearly nonstop all week and the rest of the month, every day.


Antony Jakob Birge founded the BirgeBroadcast, a political commentary show affiliated with the Branch of MIND.  Birge is a supporter of the Prismatic Imperium but stands against the corruption in the Empire’s media.



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