IMPORTANT SECURITY ALERT – Confirmation of Alien Incursion


IMPORTANT SECURITY ALERT – Confirmation of Alien Incursion

Confirmation of Alien incursion in Achenar and Sol, parasite treatment, possible sabotage.


At this time there is credible evidence of a potential threat to the Prismatic Imperium and its allies.

CMDR UntamedZer0, P.I. Branch of SIGHT: Office of Inquisition, arrived in Achenar on the morning of June 13th, 3302 on a routine research and provisioning exercise in preparation for the Imperial Astronomical Society’s mission to the Formidine Rift.

His goal was to assess the local situation and compile an intelligence packet detailing the current state of the system and any irregular occurrences of note in advance of the Formidine Rift mission.

It has be reported at this time that the Achenar system has succumbed to what seems to be two Alien incursions. One is an non-treatable and unidentified disease while the second is some sort of alien parasite which attaches itself to the nervous systems of its host. Local officials claim the parasite is harmless.  Our allies,  the Achenar Immortals have not released any public statements regarding the outbreaks and the general silence over Galnet in regard to the threat has raised some disturbing questions.

At press time, Baker’s Terminal is currently under quarantine. UntamedZer0 reportedly was able to dock with the station to see if he could render aid using his personal connections.  While he did dock, he was able to maintain the seal on his ship and airgapped most of his ships systems from the station network. Throughout the duration of his stay, the station officials maintained that there was no threat.

He was allowed to depart Achenar without issue despite the ongoing quarantines.  From there he proceeded directly to Sol and reported the situation nearly identical to that in Achenar.

An unknown fungal outbreak accompanied by a simultaneous infection of alien brain parasites occurred in Sol, just as in Achenar.

The unknown fungal outbreak seems to have not only struck around the same time the Alien parasites began appearing but also originated at stations which reported unexplained life support failures and potential tampering.

Most notable about the Sol outbreak is the increased transparency of knowledge gained in combating the diseases. Local news agencies report that Federal doctors have successfully developed a procedure that can safely extract the Alien parasites quickly and with relative ease. At present they report that the outbreaks of both the fungal infection and alien parasites are under control and nearly wiped out.

One expert who prefers to go unnamed attributed the word “symbiotic” to the nature of the parasite’s interaction with nervous systems.. This suggests potential intelligence or control over their victims. The fact brings into question the exact level of infestation in Achenar as the possibility now arises that key Imperial personnel could be infected by intelligent alien parasites. Perhaps this may explain the difference in how the crisis was handled in Achenar and why the situation there has not been resolved as quickly. In fact, Federal doctors have described the infection as “deadly” while Imperial doctors in Achenar declared it “harmless”.

A further investigation has revealed that several other headquarter systems, including Cubeo, have not yet been infected by this parasite.

MicheleMassey“A larger question still remains:  The two strongest powers in human space are fighting a sudden alien attack that is being played out in local news feeds.  Why then, has GalNet remained conspicuously silent outside of those systems?”   -Michele Massey, MIND Herald

Expect more on this breaking story and the build up to the Imperiums Formidine Rift expedition only here at The People’s Media, Your Voice in the Empire and the Stars Beyond.


Local Articles related to the threat.  [Canon]


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