Prismatic Imperium Branch of SIGHT – New Organization Takes Dominance


Prismatic Imperium Branch of SIGHT – New Organization Takes Dominance

With the rocketing interests in mysteries surrounding the galaxy beyond civilized space it is no surprise that the Branch of SIGHT has grown significantly over the last year.  On May 02 political strategists predicted that the controlling organization, The Navigator’s Guild (TNG), would be challenged by other large competitors including Cubeo Independent Merchant’s Association (CIMA) and Imperial Astrographical Society (IAS).  An election was held this week to determine this years most influential organization in the Branch of SIGHT.  Imperial Astrographical Society was the victor and will be taking dominance immediately.

The new Lord Headmaster, CMDR LocNor gave an acceptance speech at The People’s Media this morning.

My fellow Imperials,

For too long have I have dreamed of a day that the brilliance of the minds at the Imperial Astrographical Society (IAS) could step back into the light.  These men and women have, until now, anonymously served the interests and advancement of humanity.  A collection of fine individuals, once persecuted and driven into the dark for advanced ideas and unpopular views.  The darkness was a cloak, a safe place to pursue new ideas and discuss topics long taboo in civilized society.  The value of questioning everything and assuming nothing but a starting point for true knowledge.

Today’s election brings new beginnings with it, change.  The IAS will retain its current structure but welcome several new members to our circle representing the leaders of many of the major organizations within the Branch of Sight.  The power, influence, and resources of these organizations, combined with our own, will launch our scientific mandate to new horizons.

Today is the first step. Today is the day we, as a people, have spoken with one voice.  One voice that says that we are ready to face tomorrow.  That we can no longer afford to hide behind a cloak in order to advance our interests.  That we can no longer afford to dismiss, deride, or deny, new and different thinking.  That we can no longer afford to merely navigate the black, that we must understand it.

Today is the day the dream is realized, we shed the cloak, and step back into the light.   -Lord Headmaster CMDR LocNor

Lord LocNor chose CIMA Guildmaster CMDR Wisewolf of Avalon to serve as his Vice-Lord.  His three representatives in the Branch of SIGHT are as follows:

  • Office of Political Studies – CMDR Solomon Alcubierre
  • Office of Education and Archives – CMDR MontiTheRed
  • Office of Inquisition – CMDR UntamedZer0

During the celebration at The People’s Media, reporters interviewed an intoxicated playboy, head of Political Studies, Solomon Alcubierre for his assessment of the change in dominant power.

“Well, it appears that the Imperial Astrographical Society has won out over The Navigator’s Guild with the denizens of Cubeo.  This isn’t particularly surprising.  The Navigator’s Guild was, in a way, too guarded from the rest of the political apparatus of the Branch of SIGHT.  People wanted more participation but they found that the bureaucracy created by the desire to keep secrets from the government made the acquisition and use of exploration and trade resources difficult. 

An ad-hoc honorific guild of pilots formed of itself on Cubeo III, and the Imperial Astrographical Society was born.  It turned out to be a major boon for the people and our little corner of space will look a lot more attractive for the people protected by Aisling as a result.  Considering how important population growth and colonization are to Aisling’s supporters, we’re happy the people cast their vote for this organization.  And now comes the process of incorporating them into our government.  Aisling’s blessing we do even better next year.”   -CMDR Solomon Alcubierre

Would You Like to Know More?article-2024203-0D5F471E00000578-554_964x6682

A large number of pilots from IAS and TNG are launching on an exploration trip in search for some of the greatest riddles of the Galaxy.

Details about the trip are not being released to the public but the Branch of SIGHT extends a welcome to any registered CMDRs in the galaxy to join an adventure of cosmic proportions.


Who lies for you will lie against you.  Don’t withhold the truth from the Overseer.  Report suspicious activity immediately.  – A Friendly Reminder from the Administration of the Overseer



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