Prismatic Ball Kicks Off With a Record Breaking Gift


Prismatic Ball kicks off with a record breaking gift.

(July 14th, 3302)

The premier social event of the season, the Prismatic Ball gala, is once again underway. The unparalleled elegance and finery and the exposure of so many top officials marks the the ball as the herald of next season’s fashion, food trends, and kicks off the designs of the fall wedding season for those that can afford it.


In celebration of his promotion to Professor in the Imperial Astrographical Society, CMDR UntamedZero was granted the title of this season’s Gift Bearer, a ceremonial station that has the signal honor of presenting the court with a gift of their choosing.  Prior to his departure, he made claims that he would simply have to find a way to top last season’s gift of 30 tons of Low Temperature Diamonds, a popular gift.  And top them, he did.


After several days and hundreds of light years, his Imperial Cutter, Fickle Mistress, set down at the Prismatic Palace to great fanfare.  Just after the Imperium’s ceremonial corp, the “Bling Wing” thrilled the crowd with a low pass overhead, Untamed presented his gift.  His elegantly dressed, but clearly exhausted crew, streamed from the hold with a seemingly unending selection of rare goods from all over human space.


Caviar, blessed candies, masterwork machined parts, chimes, living color changing clothes, 3 exotic coffees, artifacts from several ancient civilizations.  Each found a home in a stand and proffered to the guests in what has to be the most elegant market day mankind has ever seen.  Not only did he define local imperial trends for the foreseeable future, he supplied them.  In the end, over 600 tonnes of rare good were distributed to the party goers.


Visibly fatigued, Untamed declined comment but was later seen slipping into a private audience with what could have been a bottle of Eranin Pearl Whiskey, a drink so rare the last bottle known in imperial space is believed to be in the private collection of the Empress herself.


Lord Headmaster Locnor of the IAS has this to say, “If he approaches his new position with the vigor he displayed as the Gift Bearer, I think we are in good hands.”


CIMA Guildmaster Avalon added, “He showed great resourcefulness and promptness gathering a truly impressive list of trade items. It’s a shame CIMA can’t have him in within our management.”


The next Gift Bearer has a seemingly unassailable task if they wish to challenge this record breaking event. More as the gala continues.

Would You Like To Know More?

  • Jesse Ladd remains head over The Administration of the Overseer despite demands that he step down by the Prismatic Palace and Lord Corwin Ryan.  Although the Overseer hunt for the Brothers of Forculus have not ceased, the aggressiveness of the search has been greatly reduced to ensure no further conflicts with citizens in the streets.
  • The Icarus construction has been delayed by almost 30 days due to a unexpected increase in costs.  Head Overseer Jesse Ladd promises that the impressive Hermes Class Carrier will be completed soon.
  • The Prismatic Senate voted to amend the Unknown Artifact Ban Act to allow use of Unknown Artifacts as a weapon against community goals that threaten the interests of the Empire.  The amendment was passed by a 110-10 vote where many Senators chose to abstain.

Check out this capture of the Prismatic Palace Green:

Prismatic Palace

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