Alicia Mellor interviews CMDR Onionman – Stream Interrupted?


Alicia Mellor interviews CMDR Onionman – Stream Interrupted?

Social Media has been exploding with comments and clips of last night’s The Daily Chat when it was suddenly cut from live feed only minutes into the show.  Controversial host, Alicia Mellor and her guest, CMDR Onionman exchanged disapproving comments about the recent actions of the Administration of the Overseer just moments before their stream was cut from live.  The Lord Herald gave a statement early this morning:

CMDR KevinMassey“I was outraged that Quan-Tech Security would have the nerve to sever the live-stream of one of our most popular programs!  This isn’t the first time Alicia has spoken against the Overseers and it certainly won’t be the last.  Jesse Ladd has overstepped his authority at The People’s Media twice.  I will not tolerate his harassment further!”  -Lord Herald Kevin Massey

The People’s Media has repeated several reruns of the show this morning in protest after Alicia Mellor gave a comment to reporters at the TPM Plaza.

thevoice_aliciamellor2“The Administration of the Overseer is so busy crushing us with legislative and judicial power that they’ve forgotten how wonderful the Prismatic Imperium life is.”  -Alicia Mellor

We invite you to check out that short piece of The Daily Chat here:



A:  Welcome to The Daily Chat, Cubeo’s finest source of Politics, Fashion, Art, and Gossip.  I am your host, Alicia Mellor, and with me is the fine CMDR Onionman, a skilled member of the Pilots Federation pledged to Princess Aisling Duval!  It is an honor to have you join us today.

O:  Thank you Alicia, it is an honor to be here.

A:  Tell us about your heroic acts in Cubeo!

O:  Hah!  I lead a group of volunteer combat pilots who are all motivated by the singular idea of keeping all welcomed in our borders safe.  For various reasons, our capitol, Cubeo, has been the target of many terrorist attacks, and each time our volunteer pilots have risen to drive them back.

A:  That is exciting!

O:  In addition we’ve received support from many of our allies such as the Winged Hussards.

A:  What were your greatest challenges?

O:  To me, being part of such a fantastic team does not feel like work.  I love everyday, working and fighting alongside my brothers and sisters.  If you are asking who some of our most fearsome foes have been, I am afraid I cannot answer due to security concerns.

A:  Many of us, no doubt, are envious of your freedom to roam the galaxy as an independent CMDR of the Pilots Federation.  Do the local authorities ever give you trouble?

O:  As a protector of pilots in our space, I sometimes do get mistakenly wanted for firing on known hostiles and terrorists in our home of Cubeo.  There have been times where stations have temporarily refused me docking permission, but we’ve always managed to work things out.

A:  It brings much joy to learn you are so supportive of this system. Do you call Cubeo your home?

O:  I do indeed, I have never felt so welcomed in any other star system.  It was actually your very own Nightshady of the 13th Legion who first invited me to make Cubeo my home.

A:  Nightshady, now that’s a powerful figure!  Now, I’ve really come to love the idea of avoiding certain unhealthy habits that control the lives of so many people.  Tell me Onionman, have you learned to eliminate dependence on 3D printed food?  I hear that it is almost a necessity to space pilots who travel frequently.

O:  Hah, well I’m afraid Alicia, I have not been informed of any unhealthy effects of eating 3D printed food!

A:  Shame, they make that stuff out of algae most of the time, you know?  That can’t be fit for an Imperial appetite!

O:  Well my understanding is that algae is actually one of the best detoxification foods that we know of!  It keeps our oceans of Cubeo so beautiful and clean after all.

A:  Yuck! Well I for one will never be caught eating algae based designs.  So…  We have a popular question buzzing around right now and I hope you can give us your take on it.

O:  By all means, let’s hear it.

A:  On February this year, the Prismatic Imperium spent a fortune on the Uibuth system to create a liberation center dedicated to freeing slaves and providing them with a second chance.   During the week long promotional event, over seven point three million slaves were delivered to the liberation center.  Do you think our efforts had a positive effect?

O:  I remember this tremendous community effort very well, and was very sad that I could not take part in it myself, as I was on leave at the time, and no where near my starship.  I do want to say that I am extremely proud of everyone who took part in this event, and of the 13th Legion, and her allies, for doing such an amazing job of keeping our transport ships safe.

A:  Over 30% of the people accepted a free flight to their home system, paid for by our government, while another 15% accepted a free education and employment by the local systems.  But how do you feel about the 55% of people who insisted on reinstating their Imperial Slave contract where they were deported to an Imperial Slave hub for later distribution?

O:  I’m afraid my knowledge on the details is limited.  I don’t know anything about this Alicia, thank you for the question though.

A:  Are we approaching Imperial Slavery the wrong way?

O:  In terms of Imperial Slavery, while I feel it has helped people get out of debt, I feel it is far too often abused. I support our Princess’ wish to end Imperial Slavery, and form a new Empire where it is a thing of the past.

A:  One positive effect we can’t deny is the live tracking of every major illegal slave hub from which many of these people were freed from.  Even with having this data, we alone have not been able to do anything to combat the root of the problem in places outside our jurisdiction.  What are your thoughts on this?

O:  Well, as I’ve mentioned, I stand with our Princess against Imperial Slavery. It is not our duty to enforce politics in other nations’ borders, but having said that, we will fight to end this practice within the Empire.

A:  Thanks for that CMDR, but now for something entirely different.

O:  About time!

A:  So what is all the commotion surrounding the mysterious unknown artifacts?  What are your theories?

O:  I’m afraid I have been so busy in my job as military leader for the Aisling forces, that I have not had much time to follow the recent news with the Unknown Artifacts. I will say though that I am very much against the destruction of the alien mining sites we’ve named “Barnacles” and wish for a peaceful first contact with whatever alien species created them.

A:  Wait, so you think it is alien?

O:  I think we must regard it as a possibility, and act accordingly. At the very least we must absolutely not be taking hostile actions against them with no justification.

A:  I find that nothing short of terrifying honestly. It sounds like we could be on the doorstep of a great looming threat.

O:  I believe in our species as an incredible force that when working together can overcome any obstacle.  I am also very supportive of Zachary Hudson’s initiative to keep the known barnacles safe.

A:  Everyone is thinking it, so I must ask, what is the significance of the name Onionman?

O:  This was a name given to me by my best friend when I was still in school. One day when I was deliriously sick with a fever, we created a comic character named Onionman who protected the Broccoli people.  Silly as it was, it stuck, and is a name that all my friends know me by.

A:  And here I was thinking this was about narcotics.

O:  Hah! Sorry to disappoint!

A:  How do you feel about the oppression by the Administration of the Overseer and the monstrous actions of Jesse Ladd, the Ice-cream Man?

O:  Well I think the quote from the great old English novel Animal Farm summarizes it very well when it says that “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”.  While I do want to believe there are those that are driven by benevolence, I’m afraid I do not see that here.


Would You Like to Know More?

Has Head Overseer Jesse Ladd stepped the line with his power over Quan-Tech Network?


On Friday, May 13th, Lord Corwin Ryan demanded that Jesse Ladd step down as overseer but so far that demand has been ignored.  The Administration of the Overseer is still resuming it’s purge of persons connected to The Brothers of Forculus but in a less hostile way than it was on the first week following the second Quan-Tech Hack.

CorwinRyan“Myself and the Prismatic Council have ordered the Overseer to stand down.  The methods being used by the Prismatic Imperium’s Security Forces do not match the ideals of the Prismatic Palace and whilst at this time we’re sure Head Overseer Jesse Ladd has the interests of the security of Cubeo at heart we’re ordering a full investigation of the current situation.  Jesse Ladd is removed by the order of myself from his role of Overseer awaiting the outcome of the investigation.  Security in Cubeo MUST be maintained, but not at the expense of law-abiding citizens.”  -Lord Corwin Ryan, Prismatic Imperium Leader

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