High Overseer Jesse Ladd Denounces Lord Commander Nightshady


High Overseer Jesse Ladd Denounces Lord Commander Nightshady

As tension continues to rise between the Prismatic Palace and the Administration of the Overseer, Jesse Ladd continues his purge of terrorism in Cubeo by irrational means.  His newest drama is the most shocking incident since his refusal to step down from power after Lord Corwin Ryan demanded he cease his investigation of the Quan-Tech hack.  Find this story HERE.


“It troubles me that our Lord Commander heads an organization known as the Empire’s Thirteenth Legion, a powerful and uncontrollable squadron made up entirely of independent pilots from the Pilots Federation.  These elite pilots are not bound by any local authorities which is a liability in itself! Nightshady alone has committed crimes against my administration that is punishable by death”  -High Overseer Jesse Ladd

The High Overseer continues his argument claiming that pilots in the 13th Legion have the ability to commit terrorist acts with only a bounty as a punishment.  Their caravans are not required to submit to scans at navigation beacons before continuing to a station of their choice.  Independent pilots are free to roam space however they see fit, answering only to the Pilots Federation.

CMDR BKRambo was asked to comment for The People’s Media moments after the Overseer made his rude statements on Aisling Media.

13thPilot3“We are an organized squadron of independent pilots who have sworn to defend the Empire as a whole. We pride ourselves as being the Empire’s largest military comprising of only independent commanders and will continue to defend the Empire against the ever more aggressive Federation, and as such work to be free from the petty internal politics of our origins that currently limit our potential.”  -CMDR BKRambo, Centurion for the Empire’s 13th Legion

Antony Birge speaks in protest of the Overseer from his talk show:

CMDR AntonyJakobBirge“This is absurd!  The 13th Legion has made a tremendous effort to support Cubeo and Jesse Ladd is mad that he can’t control them?  I know I often speak against Andariel and Nightshady but the offense Jesse causes really takes the diamonds.  I hope soon enough the Empire’s 13th Legion put Jesse Ladd and his den of villains in a watery grave!”  -Antony Jakob Birge, BirgeBroadcast

While the people of Cubeo are clearly outraged that the Overseer would target their beloved heroes, it is certain that the Prismatic Imperium Branch of Vigor is limiting the freedoms of the 13th Legion, a situation Lord Corwin Ryan believes he can remedy.

CorwinRyan“I am truly grateful for the Empire’s Thirteenth Legion and am inspired by their journey as they’ve expanded from a Cubeo system defense force to the Empire wide military they are today.  We are so fortunate to have so many Imperial aligned independent commanders supporting us.
I speak for all of Cubeo when I say it is unfair that we have bottled up these pilots to ourselves.  Even though they are freely recruiting across the Empire, I feel our government is limiting the potential of the 13th Legion.  They have proven themselves as an incredible power able to turn the tide of any conflict and it is only right that I set them free from our Branch of Vigor!
The Prismatic Imperium is thankful for the service of the Legion and the contributions of it’s leaders who hold office in our Branch of Vigor and we invite a continued friendship as we push forward into time.  Let us celebrate the accomplishments of Cubeo’s greatest heroes!”  -Lord Corwin Ryan, Prismatic Imperium Leader

As a memorial to the history of the Empire’s Thirteenth Legion, we invite you to take a walk through time in our virtual library,

The Heroic Actions of the Thirteenth Legion

Would You Like to Know More?

High Overseer Jesse Ladd revokes Quan-Tech access from the Empire’s 13th Legion.  The Administration of the Overseer is beginning an investigation of the Branch of Vigor in search of Forculus Agents.

BirgeBroadcast host Antony Jakob Birge claims that the Overseer is deliberately baiting the Empire’s Thirteenth Legion to assault the Prismatic Imperium System Security to prove that they are a terrorist force.  He goes further to claim that Jesse Ladd is trying to push Cubeo into a state of emergency granting him immediate power over the Prismatic Palace.  This would allow him to bypass the Senate vote that declared Cubeo is NOT in a state of Emergency.

“Jesse Ladd is hungry for power.  I told you so!  If Lord Corwin Ryan tells him to stop his Forculus hunt then Jesse will assume Lord Corwin Ryan is connected to the Forculus Conspiracy!  You all voted Jesse into power!  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!”


Is the Prismatic Imperium on the verge of being locked down by an overzealous and oppressive Administration?  Is our government being shut down from the inside?  What is the long term agenda of our Overseer?

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