Prismatic Imperium War Against Patron’s Principles – Cubeo In Action


Prismatic Imperium War Against Patron’s Principles – Cubeo In Action

After five long months of campaigning for war, Cubeo Patron’s Principles has finally declared war on the Prismatic Imperium.  Their motivations were made clear on April 18th when they denounced the Lord Ryan rule in the Prismatic Palace saying,

“War, war, and more war!  The Prismatic Imperium used aggressive force to promote it’s agenda to dominate Cubeo outside of the will of the rightful patrons.  It continues to use The People’s Media to conceal it’s true nature with propaganda supporting a princess that does not share our ideals!  They speak of unity between traditional and progressive societies knowing full well that such a utopia cannot be achieved.  They eliminate their opposition by militaristic force!”  – Count Gerald Destuni, Spokesperson of Patron’s Principles

Cubeo Patron’s Principles Governor Michelle Bright made a lengthy statement in protest to Lord Corwin Ryan and his ambitious goals for making Cubeo a galactic slave liberation center despite no official details being released from the Prismatic Imperium.

GovernorMichelleBright_CubeoPatronsPrinciples“We were honored when Princess Aisling Duval made our system her official headquarters not because we agreed with her ideals, but because we supported our beloved late Emperor and the Duval family.  The situation has since changed and Lord Corwin Ryan has forced our hand.  Cubeo has enough troubles of it’s own.  I speak for the majority of our traditionalists when I say we don’t need millions of slaves moving into our space every year!”  -Governor Michele Bright

The Prismatic Imperium leader Lord Corwin Ryan gave an immediate response:

CorwinRyan“We prove time and time again that the platform we build the Prismatic Imperium on is a diamond strengthened by the commitment of our Imperial societies working together.  I have faith that our support for Aisling Duval and our efforts to eliminate the dependence on a slavery driven economy will gain us favor in our current conflict.” -Lord Corwin Ryan, PI Faction Leader

The People’s Media openly supports the Prismatic Imperium and hopes that you would do the same.

Would You Like to Know More?

  • GovernorRobbyAllison_PrismaticImperiumGovernor Robby Allison will be representing the Prismatic Imperium to Independent Commanders in Cubeo Space.  Please support the Prismatic Imperium over Cubeo Patron’s Principles in designated conflict zones.  The Prismatic Fleet will tag you as a friendly and give you limited access to the Quan-Tech Network.  Please turn all combat bonds to the office of Robby Allison on Chelomey Orbital or Adelman Station.  Your support will be greatly rewarded by the faction treasury.
  • thevoice_jesseladd2Head Overseer Jesse Ladd will be commanding the Prismatic Fleet.  The Administration of the Overseer has asked that pilots unaffiliated with the conflict in Cubeo use extra caution when visiting.  Do not interfere with Prismatic Fleet affairs or you will be treated as a hostile.
  • Prismatic Imperium allies will be in the Cubeo system.  Factions pledging support include Paladin Consortium, Achenar Immortals, Empire 13th Legion, Aisling’s Angels, Pileus Libertas, (Aisling) Slack Prime, among others.  Please use caution when targeting assumed hostiles.
  • Searching for more information about the Prismatic Imperium?  Learn about the faction’s mission statement and objectives HERE.
  • Want to learn more about the conflict between P.I. and C.P.P.?  Check out the article from April 17th, 3302 where C.P.P. was paying independent CMDRs for weapons and accepting war donations.  Click the image below.

CMDR Highlights

This is a new program specifically for highlighting the actions of various independent commanders.

CMDR KrymsonKyng
The Prismatic Imperium recognizes the efforts of KrymsonKyng for continuing his support in Uibuth.  He has helped local authorities with shutting down slave markets that were being run by factions populated by liberated slaves.  We appreciate your services!

CMDR Onionman
Onionman submitted a video transmission to The People’s Media showing us a glimpse of his CMDR life.  We recommend you check it out.


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