Uibuth For Freedom: An Anti Slavery Initiative


With the closure of the last official slave market in Uibuth, it is time for Uibuth to become the beacon of freedom it was setup to be. Today the Adamantine Union and the Twin Candles announce that they have put in place the personnel and infrastructure to support a large scale freed slave process and support center in d’Arrest Station in Uibuth.


Pilots wishing the end slavery are requested to join the movement by freeing a family of slaves at d’Arrest Station in Uibuth. Once landed at the station, simply open your cargo hold, and let them off. Support personnel will meet you on the pad and escort your freed family to safety. They will receive the best possible medical care, job placement, and temporary lodging.



  1. Go to Uibuth with a single ton (1t) of slaves of any type (marked, imperial, or otherwise).
  2. Dock at d’Arrest Stations. Once docked, use the cargo “discard” command to let them off your ship (there is air in the station).
  3. Participants are encouraged to post screenshots of themselves discarding the slaves on the announcement thread.
  4. Acquisition of the slaves is at the discretion of the player.
  5. Slaves are illegal in the system so you may get fined, the fine for a single ton of slaves is tiny.


The initiative will run for two weeks. We’ve verified with Frontier that ‘freeing’ slaves in this manner is a trackable event, and at the end of the two weeks the number of slaves ‘freed’ will be announced (if we can get it).


Anti-Slave Recent History


  • Feb 22 – Prismatic Imperium’s ‘Free the Slaves’ official CG in Uibuth (info) finishes early. Huge success.
  • Feb-Jun – Involved parties reorganized and recommit to anti-slavery movement.
  • July 26 – Famed anti-slavery freedom fighter Etiene Denain freed from prison.
  • July 28 – Adamantine Union forms out of independent CMDRs working to put communist govs in power in Uibuth to close slave markets
  • July 31 – Etiene Denain forms the Twin Candles organization to move slaves to Colonia and ‘free’ them
  • Aug 15 – Adamantine Union officially established as a faction in Uibuth
  • Aug 22 – Colonia Citizens Network (info) (CCN) forms with the Twin Candles becoming the Colonia Militia. Militia Ranks swell as many pilots took up the ‘player CG’ of freeing slaves at Jaques. (info)
  • Sept – Denain heads back to the bubble after the successful CG at Jaques. He and the Adamantine Union takeover d’Arrest Station in Uibuth. (info)
  • Sept 20 – CG: Uibuth for Freedom



How is this going to help?

We are operating under the idea that large groups of people performing activities, in system, are quantifiable to the Pilot’s Federation. Such actions are a more powerful statement than any GalNet article, video, or media post (though we will be doing all of these things too). We can empower CMDRs to get behind these efforts by giving them a banner to rally behind and are not beholden to need for official events. This activity will be CMDR-trackable, as well as developer-trackable.


Do you understand what Imperial Slavery is? It’s not slavery.

Yes. We still oppose it. And, yes, it is slavery.


This sounds very Imperial. Is it?

This is a completely independent initiative. On the surface this couldn’t be any more against the interests of many Imperial factions. However, there are several Imperial factions involved; many, but not all, from Aisling Duval. Any faction or group that is against slavery is welcome and encouraged to participate.


Aren’t you supporting slavers?

No. For Imperial slavery, we are effectively paying off the debt created when the slave entered the agreement. For non-Imperial slaves, an argument could be made for a short term benefit to the slaving community; however, long term, a successful and visible grassroots operation combined with slavery’s illegality in most places will raise awareness, provide extra-governmental support, and overall provide a rallying banner for individuals and groups who seek to oppose any new slaving activity. It will choke the markets.


Aren’t you making money from slave running?

No. The slaves will be ‘discarded’ while docked – no money.



LocNor, Prismatic Imperium / Adamantine Union

Souvarine, Twin Candles


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