The Prismatic Imperium Today: A Season of Celebrations




This coming Saturday marks the beginning of a series of elaborate festivals full of colorful illuminations, cheerful gatherings, and fantastic holidays celebrated across the Cubeo globe.  And what better time for the Prismatic Palace to issue a series of glorious events worth celebrating?  The announcements opened with a splendid broadcast celebrating the Prismatic Imperium’s commitment to the Empire while progressing many of the goals of Aisling Duval in the farthest reaches of habitable space.  Since the establishment of Prismatic rule, Cubeo has remained a prosperous paradise and a shining example of the ingenuity and generosity of Imperial Society where progressives and traditionalists work in unity for the benefit of all.

The Prismatic Imperium leader, Corwin Ryan, has been blessed with the ascension of his Imperial status to Duke thanks to the favorable conditions in the system.

CorwinRyan“It is with great thanksgiving that I accept the title of Duke.  This was only made possible by the loyalty, generosity, and enthusiasm of every citizen in Cubeo that supports our mission.  Because of your effort our employment in Cubeo reached a record height and has continued to show universally high values for over a year!  Thank you for your faith in the Prismatic Imperium.”  -Duke Corwin Ryan

The People’s Media Ascends Political Status to Prismatic Palace


The Duke’s speech was followed up with an appearance from Lord Herald Kevin Massey who made his own surprising proclamations with the support of his Vice-Lord, Alicia Mellor.

CMDR KevinMassey“Yes, the rumors are true.  The People’s Media has ascended above the Prismatic Imperium’s Branches, exchanging it’s third of shared political power for greater participation in Prismatic Palace affairs.  From our campus we will govern all aspects of Cubeo recreational services, media sectors, news, parks, and overall city beautification.  We will better serve you as your voice in the Empire.”  -Lord Herald Kevin Massey

The People’s Media will continue to be a major contributor to Aisling Media as well as the largest generator of Cubeo culture through fashion, art, music, and news.  It now gains the responsibility of regulating all local forms of media that is produced legally, the creation and maintenance of parks and theatre structures, and city planning for all government sectors including Cubeo III’s Capital City.

The Prismatic Imperium Palace is built on the political Branches of three classes of government subsidized organizations named MIND, VIGOR, and SIGHT.  With The People’s Media long process of ascension, all three Branches have  been adjusted to fulfill the needs of the unique system that governs Cubeo.  The following reports reflect the largest of these changes:



Sapphire Commerce Center, HQ of The Branch of MIND

The Branch of MIND has been changed to reflect the rapid growing economy of Cubeo.  MIND regulates wealth, trade, and taxes by controlling the Prismatic Imperium treasury and commerce sector.  The Cubeo Independent Merchant’s Association (CIMA) is now the controlling organization of the Branch.  Guildmaster Wisewolf of Avalon spoke briefly to a TPM reporter during his commute to the CIMA headquarters, officially named Sapphire Commerce Center.

“Rising to the top of MIND will allow us to once again extend our services.  We are happy to not only serve the Prismatic Imperium, but now all of Cubeo.  We’ll be communicating daily with the highest grossing companies in Cubeo.  It’ll be tough to set up, but will allow Cubeo’s government to quickly react to the ever changing marketplace.  And we have to thank The People’s Media for leaving us with an impressive space to fill.” [throws diamond at reporter] “I hear that’s customary here.”  -Guildmaster Wisewolf of Avalon

CIMA will be generating frequent economic reports to TPM for trade lanes tailored to Independent Pilots looking to turn a profit during their interstellar travels to Cubeo.  The CIMA HQ is located in Capitol City with a monumental view of the Prismatic Palace and Garden Parade Strip, an ideal point of interest for any tourist on Cubeo III.



Ruby Citadel, HQ of The Branch of VIGOR

The Branch of VIGOR remains the Prismatic Imperium defense force that protects Cubeo and her sisters from various political threats by enforcing policies on protectorate governments, managing prison colonies, and enticing foreign systems to adopt governments favorable to Aisling Media.  VIGOR is a force of agents, ambassadors, and enforcers, both in space and on planetary surfaces.  The Adamantine Union is the controlling organization of the Branch.  Lord Warden UntamedZer0 and his Vice-Lord Warden Doom appeared as guest on TPM during a celebration at the AU Headquarters, officially named the Ruby Citadel.

“Our primary goal is to close the slave markets in the Uibuth sphere.  We have been largely successful and will continue to share our victories with our supporters.”  -Lord Warden UntamedZer0

VIGOR will be sharing liberation reports for freed slaves as well as news concerning the Uibuth sphere regularly through The People’s Media.  The AU HQ is in the Majestic Planes on Cubeo III.  While the facility is not open to the public, it boasts a wonderful combat academy and a massive correctional center for the worst of criminals.  The campus is full of vibrant orange blossoming trees all year around.



Emerald Observatory, HQ of The Branch of SIGHT

The Branch of SIGHT governs all aspects of education and science in Cubeo III by managing schools and universities, research and scientific development, as well as exploration into space.  SIGHT represents historians, professors, scientists, and explorers and appoints it’s successors through an intern system. The Imperial Astrographical Society is the controlling organization of the Branch.  Lord Headmaster LocNor continues to lead an overwhelmingly victorious agenda in the depths of space.

“I am personally stationed near Jaques Station overseeing our share in the cooperation with Twin Candles.  Our colonial movement is opening new worlds of opportunities and I trust this will have a positive impact on the interest in exploration.”  -Lord Headmaster LocNor

SIGHT will be delivering exploration data to TPM as well as publishing news related to various mysteries across the galaxy.  The IAS Headquarters is an elaborate series of fashionable offices officially called the Emerald Observatory.  The campus is tangled with lush parks and layers of artistic structures.  It is open to the public and houses one of the largest Universities on Cubeo III.  It is located on the far north end of Capital City nearly 55 kilometers from the Prismatic Palace.


“As it is the Branch of VIGOR‘s responsibility to safe guard the interest of our Imperium I felt it prudent to give a periodic summary of the goings on of our home front. We have many fine commanders active in various regions of space currently who may have missed out on stories and events.”  -Lord Warden UntamedZer0


The Medupe Scare

Recently there was a widely circulated report that Medupe City was experiencing the first signs of disruption from Unknown Artifacts and Probes being delivered. This caused an immediate frenzy and thus Vigor commanders were dispatched to assess the situation. Despite the report no signs of trouble were spotted and there was no demand for Meta-Alloys by our offices there. Ongoing monitoring has yet to reveal any disruption leading us to question the validity of the article. Regardless, we stand vigilant to aid Medupe should the need arise. Despite this, the Prismatic Imperium continues to experience a period of prosperity due to the efforts of commanders from not only the Imperium, but all over the Empire in support of our Princess.


The Adamantine Union Grows

Following the Unions lead, like minded factions in the Uibuth area have been rising to prominence as news of our efforts begin to spread. This has lead to a near total closure of slave markets within the Uibuth sphere. In the wake of this growing movement and as a result of the Union’s rapidly growing influence, the citizenry of Chet petitioned for Adamantine Union political offices be opened in their sector. Following a monumental effort by Vigor commanders and Union envoys, we are proud to announce our official presence in the Chet system! Local support is already rising at an alarming rate. Many are already talking of the desire for elections between the systems controlling communist faction and the Union in the near future.

CMDR Highlights

CMDR DarthSeaBass

The Prismatic Imperium recognizes the efforts of CMDR DarthSeaBass for his commitment to the mission.  He is commonly available on voice channels while in the Cubeo System.  Thank you for your work CMDR.

CMDR Trinity A. Craft

Building your estate along the coastline on Cubeo III comes with the risks of flooding.  We thank CMDR Trinity A. Craft for braving the storm and supporting the Prismatic Imperium.


JesseLadd2Better be despised for too anxious apprehensions, than ruined by too confident security.  – A Friendly Reminder from the Administration of the Overseer

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