Cubeo Economic Report


Cubeo Economic Report

Inter-system trade continues to dominate the trade lanes as agricultural equipment is shipped to Cubeo’s station based farms and Cubeo III’s farms.  We are still the largest exporter of agricultural equipment for several dozen light years and our networks show no potential rivals.

High demand for precious metals is expected to persist. Curiously, local companies are not willing to import the metals themselves, despite the system wide demand numbering in the tens of millions.  Our contacts with local import companies tell us they are avoiding the purchase of precious metals. New administration in the previous primary importer, Lambda-1 Tucanae, have increased tariffs to the point that it’s eliminated profit margins for our companies.  They’d lose money merely insuring the cargo.

To that end, we are beginning negotiations with Lambda-1 Tucanae Citizen’s Party to ease the burden between our two system’s businesses and secure advantageous tariffs on both sides.  Meetings are scheduled early next week.  Currently, the best solution to this problem appears to be hiring Commanders of the Pilots Federation.  Due to their lack of customs checks and freedom to travel, they much more efficiently transit cargo into Cubeo.  We recommend enticing the Independent Pilots into sourcing the metals for you.

~Guildmaster Avalon


Would You Like to Know More?

Imperial Tragedy
King Elenar experienced an “Unmitigated Disaster” this morning when one of his servants unintentionally spilled coffee on King Elenar’s shirt during an Imperial Senate meeting.  According to sources from ImpNet News, the servant named Alfons ruined the king’s “Monday Shirt” and has been sabotaged as he has no access to replacements.

A spokesman for King Elenar claimed that the king is “devastated” and “can never ever work on a Monday again, without a Monday shirt”.

King Elenar was viewed as a hero to his people when he continued his daily duties regardless of the devastating tragedy that will probably fill chambers with sorrows for years to come.

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