Prismatic Overseers Crack Down on Forculus Conspiracy


The citizens of Cubeo continue to enjoy Prismatic Imperium annual Season Of Celebration as declared by Duke Corwin Ryan last Saturday which marked the beginning of a series of elaborate festivals filled of colorful illuminations, cheerful gatherings, and fantastic holidays.  While many are taking the two weeks of the season as a time for friends and family to participate in daily parties, the Administration of the Overseer are cracking down on a conspiracy that went viral during the declaration of alliance with the Achenar Immortals faction.

The Forculus Conspiracy has gained the attention of the average citizen while reports flood in with claims of criminal activity skyrocketing.  While these reports often turn out false, the Overseers advise everyone to take the matter seriously.  With the security in Cubeo at maximum capacity and the continued lock-down on tourism in the Aisling Duval Headquarters, the Administration of the Overseer were able to contain most of the domestic threat yet the “rat-hunt” is only beginning according to respected sources.

Suspicious activities exploded in the official Cubeo Starport of Chelomey Orbital yesterday when numerous CMDRs refused to respect the authority of the Administration of the Overseer despite the potential of being killed on sight.  Senator and Executive Overseer Aloturus Ottesius made public contact with a large host of CMDRs to continue his audit of the Prismatic Imperium Branches as appropriate for the Season of Celebration.  Several hours later he was met with insults and mockery from several respected Prismatic Palace public officials, leaving Overseer Ottesius furious.

aloturusottesius“CMDR Alcubierre publicly proclaimed that my pockets were lined by his family and that I needed to participate in his foolishness of intoxication and substance abuse.  Princess Aisling Duval would be ashamed!  Further yet, droves of Prismatic Officials disrespected my Administration and the laws of Cubeo, suggesting that we represented the ‘Law of Ladd’ as opposed to the Law of the Prismatic Imperium!”  – Overseer Aloturus Ottesius

While no arrests were made, several CMDRs including Alcubierre, Andariel, and Scythan were reported for throwing Senate Cut Diamonds at the Overseer’s Observatory.  Overseer Ottesius was cut off from transmitting orders due to a malfunction in the telemetry by mysterious means.  Early this morning, the Administration of the Overseer reinforced the Starport with a full legion and several superior officers in preparation for the arrival of the High Overseer Jesse Ladd.

thevoice_jesseladd2“I realize my loyal Overseers were expecting that I would come to lay down the ‘Law of Ladd’ but I intend to cut the offending CMDRs some slack.  It’s the Season of Celebration!  We just need to lighten up a little and enjoy the wonderful lives we have here in Cubeo.”  – High Overseer Jesse Ladd

The excitement however is far from over.  The Prismatic Imperium has only one more week before it must lift the lock-down in time for the declaration of it’s first Golden Age.  The Administration of the Overseer continue to remind it’s citizens to report any suspicious activity and to refrain from interacting with the Brothers of Forculus in any way.  To ignore the request is to break a law punishable by death.


Would You Like to Know More?

Lord Herald Kevin Massey will be announcing the coming of the Golden Age on October 30th 3302.  With this proclamation in effect, High Overseer Jesse Ladd will be lifting the lock-down on Cubeo tourism and turning himself to his own authorities for violating the command of Duke Corwin Ryan to step down as High Overseer following the initial shock of the hunt for Agents of Forculus.  You can read more about Jesse Ladd’s disobedience here:



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