Lord Herald Survives Assassination Attempt By Agents of Forculus


Breaking News from the Administration of the Overseer

Overseer Aloturus Ottesius made an unexpected statement to the press last night announcing an assault made on The People’s Media CEO, Lord Herald Kevin Massey.  The Press Statement was broadcasted as follows:

aloturusottesius   “It is with great regret that I inform you that there was an attack on the Lord Herald Kevin Massey earlier this evening during his open invitation Moon Golfing Event. While I am not at liberty to release all of the details, I can say with certainty that the Lord Herald has survived with only minor injury. The attacker was CMDR Aiden Fenduril who has obvious connections to The Brothers of Forculus.

The assailant Fenduril was equipped in a combat ready Imperial Courier filled with explosive mines and micro controllers that effectively hacked his target’s modules, causing them to malfunction. It is presumed that once the Lord Herald’s vessel, Politician’s Bane was rendered shieldless and idle on the moon surface, explosive force would be used to finish the job. Politician’s Bane spiraled out of control, crashing in the hills of Cubeo A III, leaving her hull at minimal integrity.

But there is good news. The assailant Fenduril was obliterated by the combined actions of the legendary CMDR Andariel Valaquenta and the heroic Overseer CMDR Trinity A. Craft of Excellence.  The Prismatic Imperium is safe from the destructive forces of evil that spill from the Forculus system for yet another night thanks to the actions of these brave CMDRs.

CMDRs in the area are asked to search Cubeo A III for Occupied Escape Pods in case the assailant has survived. Please submit images of your findings to the Administration of the Overseer. You will be honored by the Administration for your loyalty to our cause. Thank you”.  -Overseer Aloturus Ottesius

INVESTIGATION SCENE: Cubeo III A –    40.22°    12.52°


Wreckage from CMDR Fenduril’s vessel submitted by CMDR Andariel.

While the authorities of Cubeo are certain that the attack was orchestrated by the Brothers of Forculus, many independent pilots who called CMDR Fenduril a friend claimed that he was framed.  The assailant transmitted an encrypted message to his peers on the Cubeo Starports reading:

cmdr-fenduril   “I cannot remain silent in the face of this assault upon my character and my loyalty to the Prismatic Imperium and to the Lord Herald.  Yes, I was carrying micro controllers, as I’d rather have not parted with difficult to find engineering components.  They were deactivated in my hold.  Yes, I was carrying explosive ordinance, in order to protect the Lord Herald from ground based attack, as there was no small suspicion of an attempt upon his person.

I tried to explain this when Andariel fired upon me.  I can only hope it due to a very zealous need to protect Lord Herald Massey, so I hold no ill will to him.  I suspect sabotage to [Massey’s] ship prior to launch, but unfortunately I have no proof of this.  Certain parties are more effective at scrambling records than a cat is at preserving them.  All I can say is that my loyalty and record in the service of the PI can only speak for themselves.

Witnesses to the attack would confirm I undertook no hostile action.  I am a convenient scapegoat for the High Overseer [Jesse Ladd] – a man I will admit I’ve never had great love for – nothing less, nothing more, but I must proclaim my innocence.  In the face of death and ludicrous bribes to just leave and let Ladd ruin my name and record, I remain, loyal until a presumably rapidly encroaching death to the Prismatic Imperium, and the Princess for whom we are her voice on the darkness.

Never give up hope, fellow CMDRs.  Never surrender.”   -CMDR Fenduril & Comms Op Hanzo

With contradiction reports suggesting the Administration of the Overseer is attempting a coverup, a serious panic has erupted with political figures being forced to take sides.

CMDR Andariel“That all sounds awfully convenient. Are we all really expected to believe this string of lies? Rest assured Fenduril, I will find you, and you will be brought to justice.”   -CMDR Andariel Valaquenta

Δ<Trinity, you are leading them into a trap at Metcalf Keep!  You have to warn them!> Δ

Images recovered from Politician’s Bane.

Would You Like To Know More?


Politician’s Bane

   Lord Herald Kevin Massey was recovered from his vessel shortly after the attack.  His ship being a Vulture named Politician’s Bane was in critical shape.  Internal damage suggests the power plant suffered a meltdown, cutting power to 20%, life support caught in a cycle system, and propulsion systems were receiving an overload of maneuvering inputs.

The pilot, CMDR Kevin Massey, boosted to higher elevation before thrusters shut down for an unauthorized diagnostics check, causing the Vulture to plummet over 6 kilometers before returning to limited control.  The pilot guided the vessel along the terrain as it descended down a mountain, maintaining an average of 30 meters above the surface.  Wingmate CMDR Trinity A. Craft remained within 60 meters of the vessel the entire duration.  The pilot crash landed on a steep slope, allowing the vessel to slide down another 2.3 kilometers, causing structural damage and compromising hull integrity.

The vessel came to a stop near the base of the mountain where the pilot began an emergency reboot sequence.  During this time, wingmate CMDR Andariel open fired on wingmate CMDR Fenduril with CMDR Trinity A. Craft keeping post at CMDR Kevin Massey.  CMDR A. Craft then joined CMDR Andariel against CMDR Fenduril when called for help by CMDR Andariel.  No further damage came to the Vulture vessel until it was transported to Chelomey Orbital for further investigation.

BirgeBroadcast Controversy

Controversial talk show host CMDR Antony Jakob Birge spent the last few weeks protesting against the Administration of the Overseer, going so far as to repetitively name High Overseer Jesse Ladd a “Villain of Shakespearean Proportions”  Being associated with The People’s Media, Antony Birge has liberty to take his freedom of speech further than most but has recently been walking a dangerous edge towards a criminal offense.

CMDR AntonyJakobBirge    “Jesse Ladd the Icecream Man is the worst authoritative figure we have ever seen!  I would take  Chief Ariah Carpenter of Cubeo Jet Council as our High Overseer over this Mass Murdering Forculus Ex-Mall Cop!

Do you not see the obvious plot people?  There won’t be a Golden Age!  There won’t be a arrest made on Jesse Ladd!  He controls the Prismatic Imperium and he does not share your interests.  I Antony Birge, your host, dare Jesse Ladd to come right up to my studio and share with me his pitiful excuse for the Cubeo Lockdown.  Do you guys really believe in this nonsense about a Forculus Conspiracy to implode the Prismatic Imperium?  You guys arn’t that gullible are you?  Come on, just because The People‘s Mafia says it’s so doesn’t mean it’s true!”   -CMDR Antony Jakob Birge  Δ

Δ < Encrypted Key:  #//943 Ἴκαρος  ::Fashion two pairs of wings of wax and feathers and fly::  Data Package 6W71FJitwM // // MAXI-SEC  Quan-Tech Security Network

Ownership Transfer: cmusvhd supbpkv udojold oewooaf suphtdm > Δ

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