High Overseer Jesse Ladd Arrests BirgeBroadcast Crew



Earlier this week BirgeBroadcast Host Antony Jakob Birge dared High Overseer Jesse Ladd to star as a guest on his show with the intend of making a mockery of the Administration of the Overseer.  Tonight’s scheduled show had Vice-Lord Herald Alicia Mellor and a few of her comedian friends chat with Antony Birge on the subject of the Forculus Conspiracy.  But to their surprise, the High Overseer obliged to the earlier invitation, bringing a full legion of Overseers with him.

 < I’m afraid this is my last encrypted message…  Best luck to you all. -AJB >

JesseLadd2   “I think you will be delighted to hear that I wish to join the conversation about the Brothers of Forculus.  I am very passionate about the subject considering how I recently lost a team of my most loyal in an attack orchestrated by these rats.”


While the show was broadcasting, the High Overseer’s forces flooded the chat room and arrested the entire studio, it’s guests, and the local audience under the charge of Conspiring against the Administration of the Overseer.  Over four hundred and sixty-two arrests were made.  High Overseer Jesse Ladd stood before the stream capture to deliver a threat to the people of Cubeo.

JesseLadd2“Dear citizens of the Empire who call Cubeo their home.  My Administration has remained loyal to it’s mission of defending our boarders from foreign and domestic dangers.  I have nearly concluded my investigation into the hacks of Quan-Tech Security Network.  For over two years, our Cubeo system has been infiltrated by an anarchist faction who relish in criminal filth, slavery, and betrayal!  At last I have come to the source of this rat spewing disease!  The People’s Media and it’s affiliates are guilty of harboring and breeding ideas belonging to the Brothers of Forculus!

I followed a nasty crumb trail  that led me straight to this rat den belonging to Antony Jakob Birge who is guilty of feeding information to criminal masterminds by embedding encrypted data in published articles on The People’s Media, often referred to by our enemies within as The People’s Mafia!  I am sorry to inform you that the trail does not end here!  Vice-Lord Herald Alicia Mellor is guilty of a long list of crimes, from public use of narcotics, indecent partying, encouragement of negative society beliefs, and disrespecting the authority of the Administration of the Overseer!

Cubeo has fallen into chaos as more and more flock to support heroes who work against our governments!  No longer shall these celebrities and public officials be granted immunity from the judgement of the Administration!  I promised I would put an end to the Forculus Conspiracy and I will fulfill that promise!  Any who stand against the might of the Overseer will stand trial and face execution, I promise this!”

The High Overseer is rumored to be moving another legion of Overseers upon The People’s Media campus to arrest Lord Herald Kevin Massey for Conspiring Against the Administration of the Overseer.  He is found guilty of participating in recent events in Forculus and incompetently approving the distribution of propaganda supporting the Brothers of Forculus.

Bewildered by the arrest of celebrity Alicia Mellor and the accusations against her superior Lord Herald Kevin Massey, protests have broken out across Capital City and other locations on Cubeo III.  With all of the action in recent weeks, there isn’t a single citizen in Cubeo who remains unaffected.


Would You Like To Know More?

Will High Overseer Jesse Ladd lift the Cubeo lock-down in time for the Golden Age announcement on Sunday October 30th?  Will there be a Lord Herald to give such a speech?  Will the Administration of the Overseer sweep the streets of Cubeo III for Forculus Agents?  There are far to many questions and not enough answers.


:: The Administration of the Overseer is willing to pay CMDRs 3,000,000 Credits for every name connected to the Forculus Conspiracy.  Transactions will be received in the Cubeo system upon request. ::



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