Aisling Duval Speaks Against High Overseer’s Actions


High Overseer Jesse Ladd gave order for the largest organized crime sweep in the history of Cubeo III this evening.  With only three days left to the Season of Celebrations, the streets were filled with festive Imperial citizens who were caught off guard by legions of platinum armored Overseers and troop carriers.  In only a matter of hours, thousands of citizens have been arrested for minimal offenses including failure to cooperate with the Administration of the Overseer.  Princess Aisling Duval spoke out against the Administration, a political move that is sure to fuel their opposition.

aislingduval“First Kahina Tijani Loren, now Jesse Ladd?  He has evidently gone mad and has taken his obsession in Cubeo too far!  I will not stand by while an aggressive military serves the monstrosities of one man.  I ask that he stand down before Patreus is forced to involve his fleet.”   -Princess Aisling Duval

Overseer Aloturus Ottesius leaked private information on the Administration proving that the Overseers are divided on their leader’s extreme measures.  Droves of sworn officers are refusing to arrest citizens despite the potential legal consequences they face by disobeying their superiors.  Overseer Executives are beginning to question the motives of High Overseer Jesse Ladd, greatly limiting his allies.

aloturusottesius“High Overseer Jesse Ladd has snapped!  I have more than enough evidence to justify taking action against him as he recently has become careless in covering his corruption.  This is an extreme matter that must not be taken lightly.  Within the limits of my authority I will ensure our High Overseer does not find favor in hiding among the Prismatic Fleet.”  -Overseer Aloturus Ottesius

While things may look bleak, there are those with a tremendous amount of hope.  If the High Overseer is guilty of the crimes his Administration is investigating, then he will soon strand trial for breaking the laws he has created.  What little popularity he had with independent CMDRs has also been shattered with the arrest of celebrity star Alicia Mellor and the search for CMDR Kevin MasseyFormer Vice-Lord Andariel Valaquenta has begun mobilizing his own CMDR force for what is assumed an operation to stop High Overseer Jesse Ladd in his tracks.


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