Independent Pilots Resolve Forculus Conspiracy


On Saturday the 29th of October a large wing of Independent Pilots intercepted a shuttle carrying the Prismatic Imperium’s High Overseer Jesse Ladd as he and a team of loyalists attempted to flee the Cubeo system.  Under the guidance of CMDR Andariel Valaquenta, several CMDRs coordinated with the Administration of the Overseer and the Brothers of Forculus to interdict a cutter and it’s escorts.  After a twenty minute dogfight in the vacuum of space, High Overseer Jesse Ladd was forced into submission and was arrested by CMDR Andariel.

CMDR Andariel   “Executing a forced arrest on Jesse Ladd required the cooperation of a dozen CMDRs over the past two weeks.  I am thankful we succeeded considering what all was at risk should he have escaped or remained in office.  With Ladd facing trial for his unspeakable crimes we can officially claim that the Forculus Conspiracy has come to an end.” – CMDR Andariel

The High Overseer launched from Cubeo III aboard a hired Cutter, Lady of the Lake, with Guildmaster Wisewolf of Avalon in command.  It was originally expected that the Cutter would shuttle Ladd to the Prismatic Fleet command center, Icarus, where Ladd would have been immediately apprehended by his own Administration due to recent revelations of his crimes in the past week alone.  Upon discovering Ladd had plans to jump system, Guildmaster Wisewolf protested and was removed from command by a band of Overseers loyal to Ladd.

To further complicate the scenario, Ladd had two political figures hostage aboard the Cutter.  Antony Jakob Birge (Host of BirgeBroadcast) and Alicia Mellor (Vice-Lord Herald) were held on the bridge of Lady of the Lake as insurance against aggressive tactics from Andariel’s fleet of CMDRs.


Shortly following an interdiction of CMDR Wisewolf of Avalon, Ladd’s escorts CMDR Trinity A. Craft and CMDR Rogue949 were met with CMDR Andariel, CMDR Kevin Massey, CMDR Gene Hikaze, CMDR LocNorCMDR Ilvatu, and others.  After a great deal of hesitation, a fight among the pilots broke out in full force.  The Cutter was capable of withstanding the combined assault of numerous battleships while occasionally sending a massive barrage of pack-hound missiles.  To make matters worse, a large swarm of Quan-Tech affiliated security vessels dropped into the fight to support the Cutter’s defense and managed to destroy one of the CMDRs.


darianahaney   “Jesse Ladd thought he could keep command of Lady of the Lake?  As members of CMDR Wisewolf’s crew it was our duty to reacquire control of our vessel.  Battle broke out inside the cabins while combating pilots circled around outside.  It was a dangerous decision for sure, but it was essential.”  – Dariana Haney, Pilot

A zero-G firefight exploded within the Cutter carrying Ladd allowing hostages Antony Birge and Alicia Mellor to escape the bridge and disable the Frame Shift Drive, a system that would allow the vessel to escape Cubeo.  The loyal Overseers were eventually out gunned and forced to surrender while Jesse Ladd chased after his hostages toward the cargo bays.

After 20 minutes of intense chaos, the wing of CMDRs succeeded in penetrating the shields of the Cutter in time for the surrender of Ladd’s forces.  CMDR Wisewolf of Avalon himself escorted Ladd into an empty canister of Biowaste where he was ejected into space and reclaimed by CMDR Andariel.


Senator Aloturus Ottesius will be serving as High Overseer until the Senate can elect a new leader.  The Administration of the Overseers as released all individuals that where arrested during the final weeks of Jesse Ladd’s service.  This opened the Prismatic Imperium for it’s pending Golden Age.

aloturusottesius   “Thanks to the service of the Brothers of Forculus, we were able to detain the former High Overseer, Jesse Ladd.  He will stand on trial for an extended period of time.  Because of the assistance of characters including Marcus DiPalo, we believe that the crimes that justified the call for arrest is only scratching the surface of a career of corruption and organized crime.  It is in our best interest that we pardon any offenses caused by those who were involved including CMDR KrymsonKyng, CMDR Fenduril, and so many others.” – High Overseer Aloturus Ottesius

Would You Like To Know More?

Lord Herald Kevin Massey announced the Golden Age with a grand speech!  At the conclusion of the event, the original body of his vessel, Politician’s Bane was auctioned off to the highest bidder at 134,400,000 credits.


Politician’s Bane has had a long story of combat in the Pleiades War, Cubeo defense, and war against Cubeo Patron’s Principles.  It survived an assassination attack during a regular moon golfing event and was a participant of the assault on Jesse Ladd.

“I found it fitting to create a new Politician’s Bane for security issues.  My old vessel will make a fine trophy but I wouldn’t feel safe flying her again.  Besides, I take comfort in the luxurious flights aboard my Anaconda, Lady Estellise.  I highly respect the members of my crew and they serve our Princess well.”  – Lord Herald Kevin Massey

::Thank you to everyone who participated in this event!  These last two weeks conclude a conspiracy that has run for over two years.  Congratulations!::

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