Reinvigorated – Reconstruction of VIGOR Branch Leads to Record Growth



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Reconstruction of VIGOR Branch Leads to Record Growth

It has been nearly a year since the Empire’s 13th Legion began its slow separation from the Prismatic Imperium.  Though relations were amiable during and after the split it did not occur without complication.  Political misunderstandings, loss of an entire defense branch, internal reorganization and impending war for control of Cubeo left the Prismatic Imperium in what could be considered its most dire situation since its inception.

As war for Cubeo loomed, Lord Corwin Ryan held an emergency High Council meeting within the Prismatic Palace on Cubeo 3.  Behind closed doors the fate of not only the Branch of VIGOR but that of the entire Prismatic Imperium would be decided.  The future of all they had built was resting in the hands of new champions yet to be determined- those who would be faced with the daunting task of rebuilding in the shadow of an uphill battle for their home system.

Among a list of potential candidates to lead the new branch rose a company man and loyal Imperial patron from Grovichun. Ansel Hoit Xeaross, more commonly known by his call sign CMDR UntamedZer0, was the only child of a prominent family of executives within the Grovichun Gold Netcoms Corporation.  There he not only safeguarded corporate interest through regional anti-piracy operations but also sought to bring political stability to the region, protect Princess Aisling Duval’s interest at home and abroad, inspired a following of commanders who would proclaim themselves as ‘Zer0’s Heroes’ and on various occasions answered the Imperium’s call to action as a member of the Prismatic Imperium’s Branch of SIGHT.

The commander was summoned to Cubeo.  As faint streaks of light flickered through the skies of Cubeo III from the myriad of raging battles overhead, the new Lord Warden was named and set out immediately.  With the help of its many allies, backed by his own wing who would become the new core to the branch, and under the leadership of its new Lord Warden, the Prismatic Imperium successfully secured its home system by taking their long sought after prize of Medupe City.  Few could have predicted what the following days held in store for them.

Having been one of the most supportive commanders of the Prismatic Imperium’s campaign to free the slaves, the next task given the new Lord Warden was that of establishing a safe home for their newly freed slaves in Uibuth.  Before the celebrations of the Imperium’s victory in their home system had finished the Branch of VIGOR set out to establish a new protectorate of the Prismatic Imperium, the Adamantine Union of Uibuth.

There the newly freed slaves would begin a meteoric rise to power in the region under the nurturing wings of the Branch of VIGOR.  With the support and tutelage of new allies in the lower Tucanae Region the Branch of VIGOR learned the lessons it needed to further its political interest in both the Uibuth area and Cubeo.

During this time a new generation of commanders rose to prominence within the Prismatic Imperium and its Branch of VIGOR.  Commander DoomWZ (whose tactical mastery would be a driving force behind this new era of growth) became the new Vice-Warden.  The dedicated commanders who joined in the initial rebuilding of the branch such as Trinity A. Craft and DarthSeabass would set further examples to be followed by becoming two of the most decorated commanders in the Prismatic Imperium’s history.  Many more commanders inspired by the collective deeds of the Imperium and its rebuilt branch would follow to lead to the Branch of VIGOR becoming the largest and most active branch within the Imperium today.

When an unnamed terrorist group used Unknown Artifacts to hinder operations at Medupe City it was the new VIGOR who spearheaded the effort by delivering thousands of tons of Meta-Alloys to repair the damage in a matter of days, even managing to partially repair other damaged stations in the region.  This helped to protect the trade of media materials that keep our Princesses part of the Empire strong and alleviating the fear of UA bombings from the minds of the Prismatic Imperium’s leaders and citizens, proving to the rest of the Imperium’s nay-sayers that they were indeed capable of being the guardians of Cubeo.

VIGOR saw the Prismatic Imperium finally escape the confines of Cubeo, tripling the number of star systems it influenced while the Adamantine Union continues to surge closer to Aisling Duval Imperial space.  In its wake an ever expanding region where slavery is abolished outright continued to grow.  Its own influence is seeing a weekly influx of systems in the area petitioning for an Adamantine Union presence, proving the Prismatic Imperium can not only rise to a challenge but overcome it beyond expectations.

Now the Prismatic Imperium has turned its determined gaze towards Colonia, the Branch of SIGHT striving to establish a new home for the multitudes of freed slaves as well as a safe harbor for miners and explorers alike.  Aided by the Aisling Duval Imperial community at large and the Branch of VIGOR in this task in a demonstration of unity, they expand its reach across the galaxy with Imperium’s commanders resolute and capable.

As the year draws to a close many look back at the events of the past and can’t help but be met with a feeling of pride by how far the Prismatic Imperium has come.  From its most dire hour it rose continually to its strongest, most influential point in history.  It’s borders expanded beyond what even Lord Corwin Ryan himself could have hoped.  It’s economy a power house, it’s message clear.

They are the Prismatic Imperium and they are only getting started.

VIGOR continues to aspire towards setting an example not only to the other branches of the Prismatic Imperium but to the Empire as a whole- cooperation and determination being the only tools you need to overcome any obstacle that befalls you.  As they look towards the coming year the Imperium can not predict what may lay in store, but rest assured they will rise to meet the challenge.  The golden age of the Prismatic Imperium has just begun.

Would You Like To Know More?

  • Guildmaster Wisewolf Of Avalon keeps unemployment to a minimum.  He speaks from the Sapphire Commerce Center about the success of his Intern Opportunity Act.  While some have accused him of creating a structure similar to Imperial Slavery in Cubeo, he presented the reality of his system that silence critics as they could not argue with his logic.  The Intern Opportunity Act does not resemble Imperial Slavery.  Follow TPM for more details.
  • The Administration of the Overseer continue to investigate Jesse Ladd for treason, embezzlement, mass murder, extreme heresy, fraud, and more.  So far the Administration is only releasing information on his illegal acts during his office as the High Overseer.  Inside sources confirm many facts presented by CMDR Antony Jakob Birge from the BirgeBroadcast.  Stay tuned for more information.
  • Imperial Institution of Education graduates Tricia Maine, a successful student and leader of her class who had made a false statement to The People’s Media regarding a CODE Pirate rescuing a stranded Orca on an interstellar field trip.  Read her story here: CODE Affiliated Pilot Saves Party  Unfortunately the story was inaccurate as the rescuing pilot was not a pirate at all.  Tricia Maine apologized for the lie during her graduation speech.  The misinformation was contributed by the Brothers of Forculus who had planted many agents into the Quan-Tech Network providing a direct line to sensitive systems in Cubeo.  The story served as pirate supporting propaganda aimed to harass the corrupt High Overseer Jesse Ladd.
  • Rumors of a duo of competitive pilots in the Prismatic Imperium spread like plasma fire.  The two pilots recruited a dozen CMDRs for two competitive teams.  Their intended sports were illegal and highly dangerous.  Before the events could begin both daredevil pilots were arrested and charged with over a month of community service.  Their ships remain impounded on Medupe City following the shut down by Unknown Artifacts.  The Administration of the Overseer fear that they will return to cause mischief.  Steward High Overseer Aloturus Ottesius claimed that he would be willing to turn a blind eye to the duo so long as they kept their teams small and recruited only CMDRs who were respectful of Cubeo’s safety.
  • Green is the new Blue!  Prismatic Imperium Governor Robby Allison agrees that now is the time to dye your hair green in support of the PI Golden Age.  Several celebrities and officials are following the trend.  You should too!  During an appearance on The Daily Chat Alicia Mellor asked Princess Aisling Duval if she would also dye her hair green.  Aisling responded by blushing, never giving a committed response one way or the other.


marcusdipalo  “Never bet with material that is not your own.  Such practice is cowardly.”  – Marcus DiPalo, Forculus Chronometry

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