Lubbock Penal Colony Attacked


Breaking News!  Lubbock Penal Colony on Cubeo III A was attacked by an unidentified terrorist organization.  Their intentions remain unclear.  Over 68 security officers and 12 inmates were killed by rapidly fired laser rifles, several more wounded.  High level criminal Jesse Ladd remains detained.

aloturusottesius   “We initially speculated that attackers were the rumored Law of Ladd, a band of ex-overseers who remained loyal to Jesse Ladd after his fall from glory.  But Jesse Ladd remains in his cell alive and well.  Our investigation has little choice but to seek help from the loyal CMDRs in Cubeo.  If anyone has any details related to the attack on Lubbock please report it to the Administration of the Overseer immediately.”  -High Overseer Aloturus Ottesius

The People’s Media managed to obtain a sample of multi-media recordings showing the terrorist party efficiently cleaving a path through the Lubbock Penal Colony interior.  An alpha leader of the offenders reaches the cell of Outsider Jesse Ladd but stops for a casual chat rather than freeing him.
From the sample it is clear that the terrorist party’s objective was to reach Outsider Jesse Ladd.  Their interaction is spine chilling but also does not provide any obvious details.

Here is an audio clip demonstrating the interactions between the UNKNOWN terrorist and JESSE LADD.


  “If you think we came here to open your box, you’re way off the mark.”

JESSE LADD:  “You came to kill me?  About time.”

UNKNOWN:  “That’s what the boss wanted but frankly, you’re not worth the time.  We came for the chip that used to be in your head.  Where is it?”

JESSE LADD:  “Forculus rats cracked it.  They have everything.  If you want to fight off a hoard of system security and the Brothers of Forculus Mafia to get it, be my guest.”

UNKNOWN:  “Well that’s too bad.  I guess there really isn’t anything left salvaging from you.  Wasted effort…  You are by far the worst puppet I’ve ever met.  You couldn’t solve a simple problem and look where we are now.

Takes me back to a scene I came upon a few years ago.  Listen carefully.  Another system, another station like ours, same old filth. They had their power plant on its last leg, lights always going out.  The place was a ghetto filled with refugees from the Onionhead ordeal.  On top of that, they had a rodent problem similar to yours.

Local authorities hired my boys to come clean up an infestation problem.  Giant grey slither rats of coarse.  They were being carried in with the fruits and vegetables. 
Now usually rats starve in the inner workings of a Coriolis but these nasty beasts were genetically altered for survival in extreme environments.  They were cannibalistic, carried diseases, bit people to death, the whole cliche.  But here is where the story gets interesting.  These rats would trigger mass reproduction at the first sign of illness.
Within weeks the rodents were swarming in thousands, each generation more mutated and ugly than the last.  The locals were using every pest killer they could think of and ironically, the rats would explode in population as a direct result.

After a week of my guys torching the infestation the big suits declared the station as lost.  We had to vent the whole place out to kill the rats, start from scratch.  It killed them all right, sucked them out into space.  The station sat dead until the Federation took control.

It was then that it was made clear to us that the rats were genetically modified for a sole purpose of rapidly exploding in population and wiping out an entire ecosystem before thinning out naturally from mutations and inbreeding.  Someone clearly had a clever plan to take the station and I’m not going to point a finger at who.”

JESSE LADD:  “So what do you want from me?”

UNKNOWN:  “I came to deliver a message.  I’m going to finish what you couldn’t handle.  Your whole system is infected with a multiplying plague.  I have the experience to exterminate them.  We’ll see how long you last waiting in that cell for someone to finally come and reclaim Cubeo.”


Would You Like to Know More?


“Only one thing really impressed me about the Prismatic Imperium- The Senate… the ambient light shattered as tossed diamonds littered the chamber. It was a direct consequence to the debates each afternoon. Only the young fools would bring up an unpopular ideal to a room of old politicians armed with fist sized gems, and the fools were often short lived.” -Anonymous

*The following information is a basic guideline for CMDRs wanting to participate in the event ::A BOUQUET OF SPACE-FAIRING FLOWERS::*

Salutations Commanders! Welcome to a glorious day in the Prismatic Imperium! I wanted to give you a heads up for our next Role Play Event starting now in our Discord Channel for anyone who is a Senator or above. For those who are new, our RP Events tie directly into our lore and the in-game galaxy. Unlike many RP scenarios, our events are driven by fictional characters who interact @here in the PI Discord and often in private conversations.  You will be taken by surprise by the scenarios that may drop in your hands.

Our Roleplay Events are a unique combination of various games like Mafia without any clearly defined rules or turns to remain in the spirit of Elite: Dangerous gameplay.  The event has ticks similar to the game server as well as missions that progress the story.  The more involved you are, the clearer the big picture.  Due to the huge success of our last event “The Forculus Conspiracy”, I am providing some information below so that no one feels left out of the entry.

Quick backstory, The Forculus Conspiracy event was very secretive with NPC characters contacting CMDRs in private conversations baiting them into an interesting conversation that would lead to missions in game.  It was not until the halfway point that CMDRs discovered they were not alone in the game.  There were a dozen “regulars” participating as players not knowing how big the scope of the event really was which created an excellent atmosphere of paranoia.  This really set the stage for an excellent climax to the event where everyone was forced into an open conflict for one side or the other.
While that formula worked great for the story, our next event is going to take a different approach.  This time missions are divided between the regular private missions and occasional public community missions that help guide the story along while creating more opportunities to force paranoid CMDRs into confrontations with others.  Because of this our Senate is going to play a large role.


  • The event began with this news article which will trigger the interests of a mysterious cast of characters who will appear on Discord over time.
  • All RP conversations must take place on Discord for documentation.
  • All Quest Givers will not be CMDRs and will make that clear.
  • All Quest Givers will stay in character at all times.
  • Quest Givers may give you assigned missions which will be marked as a quest on Discord. More often then not these missions must be completed in game in a set time-frame ranging from 24-48 hours.
  • Screenshots are required for completing a mission. The image should show a time stamp of your CMDR completing the action(s) directed by the mission.
  • Your mission may conflict with the mission of another CMDR.
  • In some cases you may be persuaded to betray friends with assignments or information. You could be greatly rewarded by this potential risky action.
  • If you have been ratted out to a mission giver by another CMDR, you will be notified with a penalty message and a cool down before receiving new missions from any offended characters.
  • Your actions can highly influence the lore of the Prismatic Imperium for better or for worse.
  • CMDRs with a penalty can discover redemption opportunities by following instructions hidden in public news articles published by The People’s Media. This can also be used against you.
  • You are allowed to discuss gained knowledge with others at your own risk. Not everyone has your best interests in mind. -Leadership Team are sworn to the same rules as you.

Further rules and tips are up to you to discover.  There are no wrong ways to play this event.


If you want to be one of the main heroes/villains in the next chapter of our story you are highly encouraged to promote above Citizen status and participate in political polls in the Senate.  Much of the central story will take place on the Prismatic Senate Floor. Active participants are more likely to be contacted by mysterious characters in private conversations. Please be aware that the rules are loose and promises are to be held at value to the characters that make them.  Observant CMDRs will find more opportunities. Lastly, note that there will be political consequences to your actions.


Check out the last chapter in our lore as outlined in several articles on The People’s Media. Here is a link to the conclusion event where all the CMDRs who made it to the end were forced to pick sides in a struggle for power that will impact the future of Cubeo for years to come.

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