High Overseer Aloturus Ottesius Provides Information From Lubbock Investigation


High Overseer Aloturus Ottesius Provides Information from Lubbock Investigation

Earlier today the Administration of the Overseer released details gained from their investigation on the Lubbock Penal Colony assault while aiding CMDRs in their independent investigations following the Lubbock Conference.


aloturusottesius  “It required a lot of work on my end but giving CMDRs the ability to question the witness Outsider Jesse Ladd gave us a starting point for the conducted investigations.  While there was a following incident that compromised several CMDRs I still feel that the limited access to the Outsider was worth it to the individuals who needed answers.”

טעטשעראָן, שיקן אַ בילד פון אַ קאַנטיינער פון גאָלד צו מארקוס דיפּאַלאָ   :: encrypted message

The Administration confirms that there were a total of 7 Elite ranked vessels belonging to the attackers.  They made short work of the Lubbock Penal Colony defenses before launching a team of 12 highly trained mercenaries through the main entrance.

The mercenaries (still unidentified) made short work of local security and several inmates, firing laser weaponry from the hip.  The killers showed little mercy and rampaged through doors using advanced grenades that left a plasma-like residue.


Outsider Jesse Ladd sits in his cell on Lubbock during the conference.

The assumed leader of the mercenaries spent several minutes in conversation with Outsider Jesse Ladd who remained incarcerated in his cell.  The mercenary leader expressed that killing Jesse Ladd would be a wasted effort.  Their conversation also suggests they came to retrieve the wet-card implant that was in his forehead however that card had long since been removed and was in safe keeping with the Administration.

One of the independent CMDRs worked to retrieve a copy of this card to ensure it did not fall into the hands of the mercenaries.  Discovering there was a seller, the CMDR reported their findings to the Administration of the Overseer who responded with an investigation.

marcusdipalo  “It was horrible!  They tore through my belongings looking for my copy of the chip and confiscated my copy machine!  I’m told I am lucky to still be free.  Thankfully I have the resources to continue with my totally honest business of selling wrist clocks.”

Would You Like To Know More?

adonis-manu   Senator Adonis Manu is commissioning CMDRs from the Prismatic Imperium to assist in his research to develop new ways to improve life on the colony worlds.  Considering that the Prismatic Imperium successfully established a colony to represent the ideas of Aisling Duval in the distant new population bubble, his request have been well received in exchange for the promise of fame.

CMDRs interested in working for Senator Adonis Manu and his organization, Life’s Rift, are encouraged to contact him via the Prismatic Senate.



There are 22 CMDRs currently involved in the event.

Story has progressed to Tier 5.


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