Law of Ladd Terrorist Cell Obliterated By Unknown Mercenaries


Law of Ladd Terrorist Cell Obliterated By Unknown Mercenaries


A large facility on the outskirts of the Cubeo III wetlands rippled with explosions a few hours ago.  Officials from the Administration confirm that the facility was a secret hideout for the terrorist party known as the Law of Ladd.  The assault was carried out by similar tactics as the ones used at Lubbock Penal Colony.  The attackers are assumed to be the same seven ships in the sky and twelve well armed men on the ground as from Lubbock.  The only  evidence of the attackers is a single security camera that survived the attack.

High Overseer Aloturus Ottesius made an official statement.

aloturusottesius  “Considering that there is a distorted closeup of the attackers face at all seems to suggest they want to be noticed.  If they are making a statement, I would say destroying the reminiscence of the Law of Ladd was a success.  We don’t appreciate this tactic and will mobilize all resources in discovering the whereabouts of this Elite Mercenary Force so they may stand trial for their crimes.”

He continued to provide details that proved that this was no ordinary military force.  They utilized fully engineered weapons and equipment including rapid plasma accelerators and unidentifiable grenades that leave a bizarre residue within the melted alloys of the doors they were used against.

The Administration is sweeping the rubble for clues.  The body count of the Law of Ladd suggests that the entire terrorist organization is no more.

13thPilot2  “The number of fallen is equal to our projected mass of the terrorist cell.  If there are any more of them they are unorganized and leaderless.  Through all of the carnage and rubble it would seem not a single casualty was inflicted on the mysterious attackers.  They are an elite force, whoever they are.”

While these recent attacks are very disturbing, the Administration asks that residence of Cubeo do not panic.  The High Overseer has sought out help from Independent CMDRs to continue their private investigations on the matter while the Administration consolidates their forces in preparation of containing the threat.

Would You Like To Know More?

Senator Adonis Manu created the famous Adonis Flower now native to Cubeo.  But there is another flower by the same name from which he engineered his fragrant flower from.  This flower comes in many colors but lacks the seven perfume generating pods that Cubeo’s white colored flower has.  While little is known about the ancestral specimen, Cubeo’s Adonis Flower grows in humid places in great abundance, filling the air with a most luxurious scent.  It is commonly used in soaps. The People’s Media reminds you that it is dangerous to pick em in the wilderness alone.


Listen carefully and you will hear, the stirring of what you hold dear…  When at last this skill employed, we will learn the Song of the Void…  It’s with this music we will see, the Gateway isn’t far beyond thee…

…No penalty objectives today.  ::/encripted message



There are 25 CMDRs currently involved in the event.
Story has progressed to Tier 6.
All factions discovered.
1 penalty issued.
6 failed opportunities.
Most Failed Mission:   ::THE SIXTH SENSE::

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