BirgeBroadcast Creates Controversy


::< The following information is a snippet from the show that broadcasted last night. >::

AJB: Anthony Jakob Birge
here!  Welcome back to the BirgeBroadcast were everyday, all day, and all week, I give you THE TRUTH!  That’s right, this is where we never censor content and tell you the true dirty facts about our society in the Empire.  Today I have a special guest, the one and only Alicia Mellor from The Daily Chat!  Alicia, what is the topic today?

Alicia Mellor: Last time I was on this show we were all arrested by the former Overseer for Conspiracy!  Lets take a look at how our Acting High Overseer Aloturus Ottesius is doing!

AJB:  The man sure has his politics straight doesn’t he?  An unidentified reporter leaked an audio report capturing the very words of Ottesius himself, proving he isn’t a supporter of Aisling Duval, our princess!  Listen here:
::encrypted message detected – cypher text embedded::  ∴

aloturusottesius      “Why yes, I think the weather is quite lovely today. It would only be right that we prioritize sitting in the hot sun watching these disastrously horrible singers on the platform perform an opera that sounds too much like the clashing of teeth and metal. Up next, my personal opinion on the population of llamas in this area.
Good riddance.
I’m sorry, what? You want my opinion on Princess Aisling Duval? Why of course. Allow me to expand on that subject.
She speaks an agenda that makes her popular, but deep down inside she bows to the traditions of the Empire. Many simply are too blind to see it and follow her Propaganda all too well. You see, the strength of the Prismatic Imperium is in its ability to control people through cheery festivals and news.
Consider if you will, The People’s Media controls all aspects of media, entertainment, fashion, gossip, news, art, parks, so on and so forth. Aisling Duval is a popular idea because it has the power to control. Communist Governments thrive because unpopular dictators can direct the affection of his or her people toward the pretty face of Aisling Duval. Meanwhile their oppressive policies remain the same.” -High Overseer Aloturus Ottesius

Alicia Mellor:  Sorry Antony, but this isn’t the message I’m getting from him.  To me is just sounds like he supports Aisling’s policies but also recognizes her power comes from the media.  The real question here is why this private information was leaked in the first place.  Ottesius is clearly a Traditionalist and he is honest to a fault.

AJB: You bring up a valid point about why this was leaked, but lets not skip over the facts.  The High Overseer thinks Admiral Denton Patreus has Princess Aisling Duval’s heart!  I mean, this is completely ridiculous!

Alicia Mellor: Actually I quite agree with him.  I think she would be crazy not to tap into his political resources.  And he clearly has an interest in her economical standpoint.  Just listen to this: ⊗⊗⊗⊗⊗⊗⊗⊗⊗⊗⊗⊗⊗.gif  ::encrypted data path:: seek file name manually…

“One thing you don’t know about Aisling Duval, is she studied for her Doctorate in Economics, focusing on Macro-predictive Public Policy with a specialty in Investment Game Theory. Given the culture of the Empire, and her Proletarian popularity, many people are projected to lose support for her if she comes off as too “nerdy”. But she’s been getting groomed for power even longer than ALD has. Her anti-slavery measures are actually a test-bed for a series of academic papers she wrote a few years back. She’s employing a [inaudible] welfare state, investing heavily in worker training, and reaching towards cornering the market on Imperial product development and production. But she wouldn’t put it out front and center that she was flying solo on an economic experiment to improve the Macro-economy. Though it’s also convenient for her that she is a true slavery opponent, and her model works really well once the population she’s liberated gets into the workforce. About 2-3 years from now, Aisling will have the most technically skilled workforce in the Empire. I think she may even leapfrog the Federation in this regard. In case you’ve ever wondered why the Prismatic Imperium is a core weapons manufacturer out of Cubeo, this is because of some of that research. We owe Aisling a great deal. And I’m happy to be her merchant of death as she nurtures the rear-guard and industrial production of the Empire.” -Lord Wildcard Alcubierre


Alicia Mellor: So what do you think about these reports about Senator Adonis Manu sending CMDRs to fetch strange rares for Life’s Rift in Cubeo?

AJB: Boring!!!!

Alicia Mellor:  There is a mysterious person blackmailing him too.  His name is Spencer Isaak.  Some of the CMDRs think he may have ties to the mercenary group that attacked Lubbock Penal Colony and wiped out the Law of Ladd terrorist cell.  I’m even hearing reports that he has access to alien tech including a relocated crashed unknown ship.

AJB: Hey, if CMDRs are your sources I gotta ask you…  Are they trustworthy?  I’m always hearing about strange things including music and sounds being detected in the cosmos on our ship scanners.  It’s called radiation!  Ships simulate the data as sound to the pilot.  The rumors beyond that are from space maddened pilots who need to take a break from the void from time to time.

Would You Like to Know More?

A group of shady individuals wearing strange suits and fedoras entered a private casino on Adelman Station a few hours ago and gambled over 300,000 credits in what can only be described as a “war on the slot machines”.  Sources confirmed that the men were representing Forculus Chronometry.  While we cannot get a comment from the casino owner, the window displays have adjusted to reflect a change in ownership.

It is clear that the Forculus Brothers managed to win enough credits to buy out the casino.  The organizations founder had this to say:

marcusdipalo      “What can I say?  It was clear to us that the one-armed bandits were gathering for an ambush on our fragile wallets so we struck with a preemptive strike using credit reinforcements supplied from various supporting CMDRs in our war on the machines.  We were victorious and the machines now serve us.” -Marcus DiPalo


There are 22 CMDRs currently involved in the event.
Story has progressed to Tier 9.
All factions discovered.
1 penalty issued.
2 CMDRs Blacklisted.
14 failed opportunities.
Most Failed Mission:   ::THE SIXTH SENSE::
Event Integrity: 88%

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