Senator Adonis Manu Murdered


The Prismatic Senate mourns the untimely death of Senator Adonis Manu.  His body was discovered in his laboratory on Cubeo with a gun wound to the chest.  He was 124 years old.

The Senator, founder of Life’s Rift, was running for High Overseer and his death begged the question if it was political.  CMDRs in the Prismatic Imperium say otherwise.  The assassin was Spencer Isaak, a leader of the same terrorist party that attacked Lubbock and destroyed the Law of Ladd.  The two had a partnership in a plot to launch his political career using a biologically engineered weapon and a quick cure in time for the elections tomorrow.

An audio log was left at the scene of the crime containing an exchange between Spencer Isaak and Senator Manu proving that the two were in league but their partnership was in tatters.   The Administration warns Cubeo citizens and CMDRs to avoid contact with Spencer Isaak.  He is not a reliable mercenary for hire or a creditable bounty hunter.


Life’s Rift, Cubeo III

During the investigation, the Administration of the Overseer chose to release a line from Senator Manu’s journal:

“Only one thing really impressed me about the Prismatic Imperium- The Senate… the ambient light shattered as tossed diamonds littered the chamber. It was a direct consequence to the debates each afternoon. Only the young fools would bring up an unpopular ideal to a room of old politicians armed with fist sized gems, and the fools were often short lived.”

Would You Like To Know More?

High Overseer Elections are tomorrow.  Do your duty and vote.

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