Aloturus Ottesius Elected as High Overseer


Aloturus Ottesius Elected as High Overseer of the Prismatic Imperium on the 20th of March, 3303

Following the elections of the Prismatic Senate the 1st of March, a clear victor was elected to the esteemed office of High Overseer of the Administration of the Overseer in Cubeo.  Senator and Acting-High Overseer Aloturus Ottesius gave an acceptance speech and immediately delivered on his promise to order an execution of Outsider Jesse Ladd at the conclusion of the Feast of Fools celebration during the first week of April.

Media buzzed today when learning that High Overseer Ottesius selected his Overseer Advisor.  He announced that Overseer McKayla Powers will be taking office which was met with positive enthusiasm from citizens and senators in Cubeo due to her high popularity.

McKayla Powers

“I received a great vision for Cubeo!  A voice spoke to me about a Centralist Cubeo where the mission of Marvin Duval lives on!  I will dedicate myself to this mission and do what I can to purge the debauchery from our system.  I represent the values of the citizen.  Ask of me something honorable and it will be done.”

While the future in Cubeo will always be uncertain, we can be sure that the Prismatic Imperium will have a security leader with the interest of our system’s defense unlike his predecessor Outsider Jesse Ladd who has paid for his incompetence with his own life.

Would You Like to Know More?

  • Terrorist Spencer Isaak and his gang’s motives remain mysterious after a lengthy investigation of several attacks in Cubeo.  Rumors suggest he is after the location of Raxxla based on hidden data that was encrypted with received data from The People’s Media.  While hidden messages where not associated with our news itself, CMDRs reported discovering these cryptic messages during download of articles to their space vessels.  wursaemajoris
  • Outsider Jesse Ladd is executed at the conclusion of the Feast of Fools which began on April 4th and ended on the night of April 7th.  He lived a week as a Mock King before being turned to the public without protection.  The Administration of the Overseer took no action as citizens of Cubeo ended Ladd’s life in the form of an angry mob.  Jesse Ladd’s last recorded words were
    “Rise up now, never surrender…  These are good words to die by.”jesseladdprison
  • Strange reports of CMDR interdictions in the Prism system gave concern to Cubeo’s system security as they suspect gang members from the Law of Ladd are taking hostile actions against the Children of Raxxla.

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